Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

[Bubbles screams]

Kim: "Bubbles has been kicked out of at least 100 preschools for his bad behavior."

Announcer: "Annie heads to Hawaii on a rescue mission to face the cruelest boy she has ever met."


Bubbles: "I hate cucumbers!"

Bubbles: "You're poo-poo!"

[Bubbles spits in his mother's face]

Annie: "You do not spit at anybody."

[Bubbles attacks a rabbit with a hammer]

Kim: "Honey, leave that baby rabbit alone."

[Bubbles pushes his older brothers down the stairs]

[Bubbles grabs a little girl's face, frightening her]

Announcer: "Bubbles has older brothers..."

Rowley: "We are not tired! We don't wanna go to bed."

Bubbles: "Yeah, Rowley and I hate going to sleep!"

Kim: "Go to bed, both of you."

[Thomas is writing on paper]

Announcer: "Can Annie try to comfort the cruel kid..."

Bubbles: "Goodbye to all of you, you stupid (bleep)s!"

Announcer: "...or will everything completely crumble and fall?"


Observation BeginsEdit

Annie: "Did Bubbles ruin any holidays?"

Kim: "Hanukkah and Rosh Hashanah were both disasters. Back at California, where we came from, Bubbles ruined it by knocking over the menorah."

Annie: "Oh, no..."

Kim: "Bubbles also ruined Halloween by taking off his clown costume and running in the streets naked and saying 'Trick or suck my (bleep) and eat some (bleep)!' towards a neighbor. He also gobbled up all of his older brothers' treats once we got home. Then, Bubbles damaged most of the electronics in our house and lacerated Thomas via a kitchen knife. Thomas had to go to the hospital due to the incident. Soon, I called the police due what Bubbles did. When the police arrived, they arrested Bubbles for vandalism, abusive language towards a police officer, and attempted murder of Thomas."

Morningtime DisasterEdit

Kim: "Aloha Kakahiaka (Good Morning), Bubbles. Time to get up for preschool!"

Bubbles: "No...mummy."

Kim: "Bubbles, the cops are gonna come and get mommy if you don't wake up."


Kim: "What do you want to wear today? Oh, how about your Wreck-It Ralph T-shirt and your favorite blue jeans?"

Bubbles: "These clothes are ugly! I am not trying them on!!!"

[Bubbles throws his Wreck-It Ralph t-shirt and his blue jeans at Kim's face]

Kim: "Okay, what do you want to wear instead?"


Kim: "Don't you like school?"

Annie: "Kim struggled to get Bubbles dressed for school."

[Bubbles is now dressed in denim blue overalls, white sneakers, and a red shirt]

Kim: "I also made some oatmeal for you."

Bubbles: "SCHOOL IS FOR (bleep)ING LOSERS!!!"

[Thomas and Rowley are ready for school]

[Bubbles pushes his bowl of oatmeal so hard that it falls on the floor]

Bubbles: "I don't like oatmeal."

[Kim gathers all three boys into the van and drives them to school]

Cut to:

[Kim walks Bubbles to his preschool class and drops him off there]

[Kim drives off in her van]

Having Company OverEdit

Annie: "Later that day, Kim's friend Nani came over with her husband Hinano and their daughter Haumea, who happened to be Bubbles' age."

Kim: "Hi, I haven't seen you since high school, Nani. How are you?"

Nani: "Great. I'd like you to meet my daughter Haumea."

[We see a little girl about Bubbles' age with long black hair with a pink hibiscus and brown eyes, she is wearing a yellow t-shirt and a pair of blue denim shorts and a pair of brown sandals.]

Kim: "Hi, sweetie."

Haumea: "Aloha..."

[Nani sets Haumea down next to Bubbles with plenty of toys for them to play with and plenty of crayons and paper to color]

[Hauema and Bubbles are at the table coloring]

[Bubbles scribbles on Hauema's picture]

[Hauema is upset, and she runs to her parents]

Hauema: "Daddy, he colored on mine!"

Hinano: "Tell him not to, say 'do not do that, Bubbles,'"

Hauema: "Do not do that, Bubbles!"

[Bubbles punches Hauema in the face]

Bubbles: "I shall shut your (bleep)ing mouth with some sturdy duct tape!"

[Bubbles gets some duct tape and places the tape all over Hauema's body parts]

Hauema: "Hmmph hmmph, hmmph hmmph!" (Translates to: "Help me, daddy!")

Naughty PitEdit

Annie: "There is no discipline technique made for Bubbles. So I introduced the Naughty and Super Naughty Pits for him."

[Bubbles hits Rowley]

Rowley: "OW! That hurt!"

Bubbles: "I will kill you!"

Kim: "Bubbles, this is your warning. Hit your brother again and you will be sent to the Naughty Pit. Do you understand me?"

[Bubbles spits in Kim's face]

Kim: "OK. You are going in the Naughty Pit."

Bubbles: "Leave me alone, poo-poo!"

[Kim carries Bubbles to the Naughty Pit]

[Kim discards 10 beanbags into the pit]

Kim: "Bubbles, look at mommy, please. You are in the Naughty Pit because you hit your brother and spat at my face. Stay here for 3 minutes."

[Bubbles smacks Kim in the face and instantly escapes from the Naughty Pit]

[Bubbles runs outside naked to climb a tree]

Naughty ChairEdit

Stay in BedEdit

[Bubbles escapes from bed]

Bubbles: "Can't catch me. I'm gonna watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!"

Kim: "No, not now. It's bedtime, dear."


Thought BoxEdit

Roaming TechniqueEdit

Reward ChartEdit

Annie: "Today, I introduced the Reward Chart."

Bubbles' Extremely Epic TantrumEdit

[The Lyrick family are at a fancy restaurant]

Bubbles: "I hate cucumbers!"

Kim: "Just try them, dear."

Bubbles: "NO!!!!"

Kim: "Just a few bites. That's all."

Bubbles: "I....HATE....CUCUMBERS!!!!!!"

[Bubbles punches his bowl of salad and it flings at a waiter's face]

Waiter: "That's it, I quit."

[Everybody stares at the family, who is embarrassed with Bubbles' behavior]

Jeremy: "Everyone, we're leaving."

Annie: "Dinner did not go well for the Lyrick family. As a result for that horrible incident that night, Bubbles was thrown out of the restaurant by the manager. And when they returned home and when mom placed Bubbles on the Naughty Pit, Bubbles kicked up an extremely epic tantrum that lasted for about 18 hours."

Kim: "No more restaurants for you, mister."


[Kim ignores the tantrums]

Kim: "I can't understand you."

[Bubbles tosses a potted plant at Kim's face]

Kim: "OK. That's it. Go to your room."

Bubbles: "NO! AND SUCK MY (bleep)!!!"

[Bubbles takes all of his clothes off and darts outside naked]

cut to:

[Rowley is playing the Sorry! board game with Thomas]

Thomas: "Where's Bubbles?"

[Rowley looks out the window and witnesses Bubbles running outside naked]

Rowley: "Mommy, Bubbles is running outside naked!"

Kim: "OMG."

[Kim runs outside and catches Bubbles] 

Roaming TechniqueEdit

Annie: "Today, I'm going to introduce the Roaming Technique."

Bubbles vs. the BabysitterEdit

Annie: "While mom and dad are out to go surfing together, I hired a babysitter named Bonita Dumais."

Kim: "We are going out to go surfing. So boys, I expect all of you to be on your best behavior for Bonita. She's your babysitter."

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