Luther Hudgens (born January 13, 2005) is the oldest biological son of Jenna and Bruno Hudgens.

Birthday PartiesEdit

  • 1st Birthday-Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday party
  • 2nd Birthday-
  • 3rd Birthday-
  • 4th Birthday-
  • 5th Birthday-
  • 6th Birthday-
  • 7th Birthday-
  • 8th Birthday-Lego Star Wars themed party
  • 9th Birthday-Party held at Dave & Buster's
  • 10th Birthday-Lego Star Wars party
  • 11th Birthday-Star Wars themed party
  • 12th Birthday-Outdoor Movie Night Party
  • 13th Birthday-Teen camp out
  • 14th Birthday- X-Factor Party
  • 15th Birthday-Deal or No Deal Party



Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Bruno Hudgens (1969-)
  • Mother: Jenna Hudgens (née: Snyder) (1974-)
  • Brothers: Yoshi Hudgens (2012-), Ross Hudgens (2013-)
  • Sisters: Kim Sang Hudgens, Kim Ok Hudgens, Kim Sung Hudgens, Kim Sook Hudgens, Ling Hudgens (2013-)
  • Aunts: Velma Snyder-Floros (1970-), -Snyder (1967-), Valerie Pachis-Hudgens (1966-), Patricia Leifsson-Hudgens (1967-), Cassidy Hudgens-Minami (1970-)
  • Uncles: Floros (1968-), Steven Snyder (1971-), James Hudgens (1965-), Parker Hudgens (1966-) Satoru Minami (1969-)
  • Cousins: Larz, Vaclav,
  • Grandmothers: Rosemary Snyder (1944-), Madison Hudgens (1945-)
  • Grandfathers: Henry Snyder (1947-), Nelson Hdgens (1946-)
  • Great-Aunts: Olivia Snyder, Margot Hudgens, Lynn Hudgens
  • Great-Uncle: Art Hudgens, Patrick Hudgens, Alex Snyder



  • His full name is Luther William Hudgens
  • He is a fan of Star Wars
  • He is shown to be caring to Yoshi, even wiping his birthday cake off his face after Ross smashed it into him


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