Luke the Otter


Luke the Otter (born October 7th, 1999) is Marilou's pen-pal and boyfriend from the lakes of England. He was originally mentioned by Marilou before making his first appearance in Luke's Lucky Visit.


He is heart-warming, generous, and often has his back on Marilou. He sometimes is careless and can get upset easily if there's a problem. He is also a neat-freak, wanting things to be clean and tidy. On a few occasions, he tends to be a bit snobbish due to coming from a rich family. He has his own "Toy Emporium", filled with toys of the UK from different decades. He speaks with a Cockney accent.


Luke is a lime green otter whose body shape (unlike Marilou) resembles Peanut Otter's. He has blue hair combed neatly and wears a gray vest and turquoise sneakers.

In Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit

He debuts in Luke's Lucky Visit when he travels to Supernannya to meet up with his girlfriend Marilou. In that episode, the couple is kidnapped by Aristotle and Beatrix.


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