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Luigi Todaro finds out Reicheru is marrying Kazuki Sato

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This is the final cutscene before the end credits roll if the player is playing as Reicheru in the Reicheru vs. Alessandro series.


Getting ReadyEdit

Nicole: "Reicheru was coming to be the fiery bride of the electric master, Kazuki Sato."

[Reicheru is in a fire patterned wedding dress looking in a mirror with Kazuki behind her]

Reicheru: "I love it!"

Kazuki: "That's great."

[Luigi is behind a wall]

Luigi: "My girl, is marrying that boy! NO! IT CAN'T BE!"

[Satoko and Toshio are with their daughter]

Satoko: "Dear Reicheru, you made...."

[Reicheru looks and smile at her parents]

Satoko: "A respectable marriage! congratulations! Satoko Sato was the founder of the electricity Demonic Power! It was never corrupted!"

Getting PaybackEdit

[Reicheru is sleeping with Kazuki while she is in a nightgown]

[Takumi uses Magnitude 7.5]

[Reicheru goes out of bed]

Reicheru: "What do you want Taku? my parents said I made a respectable marriage."

Luigi's huge mistakeEdit

Nicole: "Luigi accidently went into the ladies' bathroom while Reicheru was taking a bath, causing her to attack him."

[Reicheru is having a bath]

Reicheru: "Hmmm, nice."

[Luigi randomly comes in, causing Reicheru to scream, covering her private parts]


Luigi: "HEY LOVER----"

[Luigi looks at Reicheru, who stood up]

Luigi: "Oh, so attract, so big----"

[Reicheru uses Chaos Flame, shuts the door, and continue bathing]

Kazuki: "Reicheru? Is there anything wrong?"

Reicheru: "It's okay now! (bleep), Luigi acts really stupid! He wanted to marry me! However, I WILL REFUSE TO MARRY ANY DEMONIC POWER TRAITORS!!!"

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