In this eighth fanon Supernanny episode, Jo visits Louisville, Kentucky to help out a recently widowed mother. Mechele (40) has recently lost her husband, Kerry to a motorcycle accident. Grieving for Kerry, she also has a hard time dealing with her kids, CJ [Calvin James] (10), Courtney (8), Vincent (7) and Tracey (3). These kids spit, swear, hit, fight, bite, call each other names, pinch, and shout. CJ refuses to do his homework, skips school, spies on the neighbors, and stays out late after curfew. Tracey refuses to give up her pacifier or her bottle, and throws tantrums when she doesn't get her way. Can Jo step up to the plate and turn this family around?

Discipline techniques used: Lose What You Like Board (for CJ), Chill-Out Zone (for Vincent and Courtney), Naughty Square (for Tracey)

Other techniques used: Paci-Fairy technique, Bye Bye Bottle, Mommy and Me, Trust technique (for CJ)