Jo Frost-11-18-11

In this episode, 42-year-old single mother Marisol from Miami, Florida is having a hard time trying to keep her five children in line, having recently lost her husband Nate in a car accident. 19-year-old Carlos and his 17-year-old brother Julian, who has a severe form of haemophilia, hardly speak to each other and when they do, things get nasty. 14-year-old Claudia is well-behaved, but it's 8-year-old twins Isabel and Mimi that cause chaos in the household with their tantrums and name calling. Can Jo help Marisol discipline Isabel and Mimi with the Reflection Room and save Carlos and Julian's relationship before things get out of hand?

Other techniques used in this episode: Homework Area, Privilege Removal Chart and Fairy Reward Chart

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