Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny, Ruth enters San Diego California on a mission to stop two terrible girls from wrecking the household."

[Sabrina pulls a face at Denise]

Denise: "Sabrina, that's not nice. Don't give me that look."

[Katherine blows a raspberry at Tubby]

Tubby: "Mom, dad! Katherine blew a raspberry at me!"

Announcer: "Mom and dad don't know how to cope with the girls and how to discipline them."

[Sabrina tugs on Lenny's Hamtaro plush while Lenny is holding onto it, but loses her grip and falls over]

Submission ReelEdit

Ruth: "Okay, I am in San Diego, California, home of a family with 4 children that I will help out. Come take a look."

???: "Hello, my name is Louis."

???: "And I am Denise. We're the Longman Family."

Louis: "Together, we have 4 children. Lenny, who is 10, Tubby, who is 7, Katherine, who is 5, and Sabrina, who is 3."

Denise: "Our sons are perfectly well-behaved."

Louis: "But our daughters are a completely different story."

[Sabrina (in reel) screams]

[Katherine (in reel) spits in Lenny's face]

Lenny (in reel): "Ugh! Katherine! Just quit it!"

[Katherine (in reel) hits Denise]

Observation BeginsEdit

[Lenny and Tubby are watching his Hamtaro - Little Hamsters, Big Adventures: Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams DVD on TV with his Hamtaro and Maxwell plush toys]

[Sabrina appears and shuts off the TV]

Tubby: "Hey! We were watching that!"

Lenny: "Yeah! Can you please turn the TV back on? We were trying to watch Hamtaro!"

Sabrina: "Not anymore, losers!"

[Sabrina pushes the TV, making it fall on Lenny and Tubby but they managed to put the TV back on the desk]

Lenny: "(yelling) MOM!!!"

Tubby: "(yelling) DAD!!!"

Louis: "Tubby, are you alright?"

Denise: "What's going on boys?"

Tubby: "Sabrina tried to break the TV when we were watching that! She tried to make it fall on top of us!"

[Louis raises his voice]

Louis: "SABRINA ALYS LONGMAN, get over here!"

Denise: "Go to your room! You don't break TVs!"

sabrina: "I Hate You!"

Louis: "That TV cost us more than $250! You do not push the TV on your brothers! You could seriously injure them or worse."

[Denise and Louis grab Sabrina's arms and take her into her room, while she kicks and tries to hit Denise]

Louis: "Stay in here for 5 minutes until when you calm down, mommy will let go of the door."

[Sabrina shouts]

Sabrina: "GET ME OUT OF HERE YOU F****** B**** or I will kill you!!!"

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