Susie's decisionEdit

Lois: "I still wanna see Josie!"

Susie: "You didn't listen in BMC, military school, boot camp, or theraputic boarding school. You are going to Residental Treatment Center."

Lois: "What is it?"

45 minutes after Lois has leftEdit

18 hours after Lois has leftEdit

Susie: "Would you like to play Candyland, Wanda?"

Wanda: "Yes!"

1 day after Lois has leftEdit

2 days after Lois has leftEdit

3 days after Lois has leftEdit

[Susie is giving Wanda a bath]

5 days after Lois has leftEdit

3 weeks after Lois has leftEdit

[Susie is cooking dinner]

The callEdit

Director Jane Thomas: "Pick Lois up now!"

Susie: "Why?"

Susie and Frank have had it with LoisEdit

Frank: "Supernanny for you now!"

Lois: *sarcastically* "Oh really? Well I just hope the (bleep) fails because the only thing she's good for is sucking (bleep)!!!"

Susie: (gasps in shock) "I beg your pardon, Lois Marie Kiejliches?"

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