The Liver Family is a fanon season 15 episode of Supernanny. Jo heads down to Middlebury, Indiana to help a Jewish single mother Caroline (44) with five children who are diagnosed with ADHD: Brendan (16), fraternal twins Mariah and Martin (11), Marie (6) and Regan (3). These five children are the worst behaved children Jo has ever encountered. In total, they have been expelled from a bit more than 560 schools and 50 daycares. Caroline also has ADHD.Has Jo finally met her match on them?

Discipline Techniques: Lose What You Like Chart (for Brendan, Mariah, and Martin), Get What You Hate Chart (for Marie and Regan), Naughty Swivel (for Brendan), Reflection Room (for Mariah, Martin, and Marie), and Naughty Pit (for Regan)

Unacceptable movesEdit

  • Swearing ~ all
  • Attempting to commit suicide ~ Brendan, Mariah, and Martin
  • Spitting ~ Marie and Regan
  • Back-talking ~ all
  • Taking dares ~ all
  • Taking drugs ~ Brendan
  • Karvol ~ Brendan, Mariah, and Martin
  • Screaming ~ all
  • Shouting ~ all
  • Hitting ~ all
  • Punching ~ all
  • Kicking ~ all
  • Biting ~ all
  • Spitting ~ all but Brendan
  • Fighting ~ all
  • Climbing on Furniture ~ Marie and Regan
  • Peeing on Furniture ~ Regan
  • Defecating on Furniture ~ Regan
  • Running down the streets ~ Marie and Regan
  • Writing on the walls ~ Marie and Regan
  • Pushing off trampolines ~ Regan
  • Pulling hair ~ all but Marie
  • Ruining holidays ~ all

Transcripts in Theory GamesEdit

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