In Supernanny: The Theory Animated from Season 4 onwards, a running gag occurs in which members of the team have to go to the group's hospital wing. The medics of the team, usually Tokiko Okina, come to provide any needs to help the patient recover. Here is a list of people admitted into the medical base, including medical staff, along with the corresponding episode the incident occurred.


Reicheru the Yokai SpiritEdit

  • Third-degree burns after failed attack, recovered within a week.

Sophie the OtterEdit

  • Had her tail and arms severely bitten by Samuel's pet piranha Chomp. Recovered within several days. Occurred in Unruly Bully.

High-Ranking MembersEdit

Toshio SamoEdit

  • Malnourished, fed and recovered. Occurred in Finding Satoko.
  • Testicular blunt trauma, blood flow in both testicles were normal
  • Nausea from experiment, put to bed to recover. Occurred in Doctor's Phobia.
  • Asthma attack, given inhaler and was put to bed. Occurred in Asthma Trouble.

Satoko SamoEdit

  • Injured in battle, leg damaged and later wrapped, recovered
  • Allergic reaction that almost killed her, given antihistamine tablets. Occurred in Embarrassing Allergic Reactions.

Marie Lara-Rutter (Another)Edit

  • Recoil from gunshots, recovered.
  • Arm bitten by Samuel's pet piranha Chomp, recovered and killed Chomp by shooting him multiple times. Occurred in Demise of a Fish.
  • Sneezing fit that almost lead to cardiac arrest, recovered.

Huizong ZhungxiEdit

  • Malnorished and starved by Jonathan Woods, recovered, Occurred in Where's Huizong?.
  • Foot pierced by bullet accidentally, recovered.
  • Chomp being sneaked inside his trousers and penetrating testicular trauma, recovered, sperm count normal, Occurred in Don't Bring Fishes
  • Had multiple epileptic seizures in some episodes.

Jong-un CapEdit

  • Was severely beaten up and bleeding after discovery in an old barrel. Occurred in Yuyu.

Princess StarlightEdit

  • Head coma due to crashing in from outer space, later recovered. Occurred in Cosmic Crusader.

Mark Lara-Rutter (Another)Edit

  • Stabbed in the stomach 15-20 times, recovered, still scarred
  • Suffered strangulation, recovered.

Medium-Ranking MembersEdit

Joseph McNamara Edit

  • Fake iPhone charger from China exploded in face, causing splinters and burns on his cheeks and neck, removed via surgery.

Low-Ranking MembersEdit

Another NicoleEdit

  • Got attacked by a pitbull when trying to retrieve a Barbie doll that didn't belong to her. Occurred in The Strange Change.

GBS Defectors Edit

Dmitry Volodin Edit

  • Severely Malnourished, was tortured and had nail marks over his body.