Crazy FormsEdit

Crazy Form 1Edit

Crazy Form 10Edit

Crazy Form LEdit

Similar to Crazy Form 10, however, the Wonder Guard is indestructible. Regardless of Chaos Flame or Chaos Shock, used by Reicheru the Yokai Spirit and Kazuki Sato respectively.

Crazy Form MEdit


Asteroid CrazyEdit

Vomit ShockEdit

Vomit Shock is an electrical multi-turn attack. No less than two bolts are fired (there is a chance for more bolts depending on the crazy form). The target becomes sick due to the vomit.

Vomit Shock WaveEdit

Only Crazy Form 9 or higher can use this attack. Vomit Shock Wave is similar to Vomit Shock, however, it is fired in unavoidable positions.

Rapid FireEdit

Rapid Fire is an attack which can only be used if at least one ally joins him. He doesn't basically attack anybody, however, instead, Rapid Fire gives all the allies five extra turns. The attack cooldown is 10, meaning Alessandro must wait ten turns to use it again. Also, each attack doubles its power.

Aqua CycloneEdit

An attack where Alessandro creates a tornado made of water. It is used to hurl the target up into the air and receiving damage as (s)he lands back to the ground. In Sophie the Otter: Tough Girl, Alessandro used this move to scatter the stolen possessions from Sophie's houseboat into 40 different worlds.

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