These are a list of milestones throughout the whole series, including families that would release when they should. Families are met, and then rescued, then episodes are recorded, and then aired. Example:

  • January 1 through 7: Jo Frost meets the family
  • January 8: Jo Frost rescues the family
  • Ranging January 11 through January 21: The episode is recorded
  • Ranging February 1 through February 5: The episode aired


Old ageingEdit

  • In 2011, during season 7, Samantha George became the oldest child counting siblings that need Jo Frost's attention.

Young ageingEdit

  • In 2011, during season 8, Nicole Birou, at just twenty years old, became the youngest mother not counting children that need Jo Frost's attention.
  • In addition to that, Nicole became the youngest ever birth mother, when she got her first baby at age fourteen in 2005, the year Supernanny debuted in the US on ABC.

Seasons with episodesEdit

  • Season 9 of 2012 has the most episodes, with nineteen episodes.
  • Season eleven is to have the least amount of episodes, with just eight episodes.


Number of childrenEdit

  • Costello Family of season 5 had ten children by the time Jo Frost arrived.
  • Mazar, Langbroek, and Irine Families of season 8 are the second, third, and fourth families with ten kids. (2011)
  • In season nine in 2012, Megnet Family has broken the record, with 11 kids.
  • This record has been later broken by Everitt Family with 23 kids.
  • In season ten in 2013, Gaccre Family is the record-breaking biggest family ever, with sixty kids.

Multiple birthsEdit

  • Langbroek Family is the first family with a set of identical triplets. Identical triplets are extremely rare, something that happens once every day.
  • Irine Family is the first family with a set of quadruplets.
  • Megnet Family is the first family with multiple sets of quadruplets.


Schools (starting season 6)Edit

  • Orla Birou was expelled from the most schools. She was taken out of 20 schools.

Episodes that deal with loss of loved one (starting season 5)Edit

Immigrants (includes foreign Adoptions)Edit

Adoptions (starting season 7)Edit

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