The following is a list of Optometrists the children from the SNFW series saw.

Child Age when he\she got glasses Optometrist Receptionist Child accompanied by
Orla Birou 6 Jim Huffington Jill Nicole Birou-Jennings
(Her mother)
Kristin Langbroek 11 Heidi Swift Theresa Alicia Langbroek
(Her mother)
Eliza Simpson 6 Harold Geddis Kerry Barbara Simpson
(Her mother)
Karen Droid-Astrid 7 Anna Parks Nina Shannon Astrid
(Her mother)
Karen Patterson 4 Patrick Cheetham Melanie Rhonda Patterson
(Her mother)
Kim Williams 10 Lindsay Ross Beth Bryce Williams
(Her adoptive father)
Nobuko Taeko 4 Hirohiko Sugimoto Shizuka Satoshi Taeko
(Her father)
Akio Brewer 14 Kurt Ipsen Satoko Angeline Brewer
(His adoptive mother)
Henri Cap 4 Sam Carlson Nicola Matthew Cap
(His adoptive father)
Huy Cap Sam Carlson Nicola
Myles Mazar 7 Spencer Gray Yvonne Debra Mazar
(His mother)
Shona Goodman 2 Daniel Jacomb Mia Leopold Goodman
(Her father)
Mingzhui Break 3 Jenny Toffton Heather Kenisha Break
(Her adoptive mother)
Ji kwong Kirochu 4 Richard Ward Vanessa Ji min Kirochu
(Her mother)
Sheena Bison 8 Cameron Tucker Isabella David Bison
(Her father)
Nathan Carson 7 Daryl Carson
(His father)
Tomas Pelekai Fern Pelekai
(His adoptive mother)
Jeff Pelekai Fern Pelekai
(His adoptive mother)

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