DVD Airdate No. of episodes Episodes
Naughty Pit Discipline 8/18/2012 4 Birou Family (Season 8)
Sanderman Family (Season 8)
Langbroek Family (Season 8)
Hillsborough-Doggerel Family (Season 9)
Season 8, Volume 1 10/9/2012 6 Birou Family
Sanderman Family
Mazar Family
Eriksonner Family
Langbroek Family
Room Family
Season 8, Volume 2 12/14/2012 5 Tiniathan Family
Kempington Family
Anderson Family
Irine Family
Bronson Family
Season 9, Volume 1 3/6/2013 7 Wailems Family
Yoling Family
Gabroonie Family
Megnet Family
Elean Family
Drapino Family
Belushi Family
Trio of Nannies 6/10/2013 4

Yang Family (Jo)

Maxima Family (Gloria)

McAustin Family (Ola)

Oritz Family (Kendra)

Supernanny Around The Globe 8/3/2014
Extra Nanny Jo Frost 11/5/2014 4 Swift Family (Season 7)
Juritin Family (Season 9)
Syndrim Family (Season 10)
Jumpline Family (Season 12)

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