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Exploding SpiritEdit

Hans Kiranoko - Vocals and Guitar

Alda Kiranoko - Vocals, Keyboard, Harp

Setsuko Kiranoko - Guitar

Satoko Kiranoko - Drums

Sun Wei Kiranoko - Bass Guitar

Sun Chen Kiranoko - Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard, Backing Vocals

Barbados Blasting BandEdit

LeAnn O'Connell -

Russell O'Connell -

Chester O'Connell -

Shaun O'Connell - Saxophone

Richard O'Connell - Electric Guitar

Marina O'Connell - Conga Drums

Chloe O'Connell -

Robyn O'Connell -

Jig KidzEdit

Lucinda Burns - Vocals,

Michelle Burns - Vocals,

Adam Burns - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Piano

Tanya Burns - Vocals, Banjo

Sarah Burns - Vocals, Irish Flute

Graham Burns - Vocals, Melodeon

Stephanie Burns - Vocals, Piano Accordion, Fiddle

Glenn Burns - Vocals, Uilleann Pipes, Low Tin Whistle

Leah Burns - Vocals,

Amy Burns - Vocals, Concertina, High Tin Whistle

Kathryn Burns - Vocals, Fiddle, Button Accordion

Carly Burns - Vocals, Bodhrán

Andrew Burns - Vocals, Low Tin Whistle

Tess Burns - Vocals,

The Flame BoysEdit

Rory Burns - Backing Vocals

Phillip Burns - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Christopher Burns - Backing Vocals, Drums

John Burns - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Michael Burns - Backing Vocals, Piano, Keyboards

Mark Burns - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keytar

Dermot Burns - Backing Vocals

Sean Burns - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Percussion

Niall Burns - Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar

Conor Burns - Backing Vocals, Acoustic Bass Guitar

Ben Burns - Backing Vocals, Electric Bass Guitar

James Burns - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar

Kyle Burns - Backing Vocals

Derek Burns - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keyboards

Tara's Dream Team BandEdit

Tara Parkhurst - Conductor and Choreographer

Josie Parkhurst - Vocals, Jingle Stick, Chime Bar,

Laura Parkhurst - Vocals, Triangle, Chime Bar, Keyboards (Team 3)

Sasha Parkhurst - Vocals, Floor Tom Drum, Chime Bar, Bass Guitar (Team 3)

Christina Parkhurst - Vocals, Sleigh Bells on Handle (25 Bells), Chime Bar,

Alexandra Parkhurst - Vocals, Tambourine, Chime Bar,

Charlene Parkhurst - Vocals, Sleigh Bells (3 Bells), Chime Bar,

Sadie Parkhurst - Vocals, , Chime Bar,

Gabrielle Parkhurst - Vocals, , Chime Bar, 

Danielle Parkhurst - Vocals, , Chime Bar, Keyboards (Team 4)

Kirsten Parkhurst - Vocals, Big Bass Drum, Chime Bar, Guitar (Team 1)

Natasha Parkhurst - Vocals, Tom Boy Hand Drum, Chime Bar, Drums (Team 2)

Rosie Parkhurst - Vocals, Guiro, Chime Bar,

Tim Parkhurst - Vocals, Tambour, Chime Bar, Guitar (Team 2)

Tony Parkhurst - Vocals, Ribbon Cymbals, Chime Bar, Bass Guitar (Team 2)

Robbie Parkhurst - Vocals, Tulip Block, Chime Bar, Saxophone (Team 4)

Gary Parkhurst - Vocals, Maracas, Chime Bar, Keyboards (Team 1)

Lee Parkhurst - Vocals, Cluster Bells, Chime Bar, Guitar (Team 3)

Alan Parkhurst - Vocals, Claves, Chime Bar,

Pete Parkhurst - Vocals, , Chime Bar, Saxophone (Team 3)

George Parkhurst - Vocals, , Chime Bar,

David Parkhurst - Vocals, Handle Cymbals, Chime Bar, Guitar (Team 4)

Ian Parkhurst - Vocals, Bongo Drums, Chime Bar, Bass Guitar (Team 1)

Stewart Parkhurst - Vocals, , Chime Bar,

Nicky Parkhurst - Vocals, , Chime Bar, Keyboards (Team 2)

Rebecca Parkhurst - Vocals, Sleigh Bells (5 Bells), Glockenspiel

Joseph Parkhurst - Vocals, Jingle Tap, Xylophone

Alex Parkhurst - Vocals, Cabasa, Metallophone

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