Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny....."

[Ernie pushes his mother]

Announcer: "Jo visits a family from Pennsylvania with one of the most badly behaved octuplets Jo has ever encountered."

[Sophia cries]

Ron: "You are a sumo wrestler, mummy!"

Brunetta: "I was a contestant at The Biggest Loser. It wasn't working. The children still called me fat because I am overweight."

[Sydney types into Brunetta's Facebook account, "I am a sumo wrestler and I think cows moo at me! I am a tubby pig that only snacks on chocolate chip cookies! I am poo-poo!"]


Announcer: "They refuse to go to bed at night."

Brunetta: "Kids, go to sleep. I'm serious!"

Paige: "Shut up, tubby!"

Announcer: "Can Jo pull things together again...."

[Ron spits at Brunetta]

Announcer: "Or will this family fall apart?"

Paige, Ron, Sophia, Sydney, and Christian: "Supernanny must fail!"

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "This week, I am in York, Pennsylvania ready to help a large family. Let's find out."

???: "Hi, we're the List Family!"

Brunetta: "I am Brunetta."

The Octuplets' Epic TantrumEdit

Jo: "Later on, the octuplets wanted to watch PB&J Otter while mom is watching the news. They were having none of it."

Sydney: "Mummy, can we please watch PB&J Otter?"

Brunetta: "Not now, kids. Mommy is watching the news. Play with your toys or something."


Brunetta: "I said, not now!"

[The octuplets dart into Brunetta's bedroom and watch PB&J Otter on TV]

[Brunetta unlocks the door and enters her bedroom]

Brunetta: "Turn off PB&J. You lost TV time."

Parent MeetingEdit

Brunetta: "I was a contestant on The Biggest Loser. The children still call me fat because I'm overweight. I tried everything to lose weight because my mother died from diabetes when I was a little girl because she was overweight. I tried every diet, every diet pill, every exercise, and every weight loss gimmick. I'm also even considering to apply for the TV show Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition."

House RulesEdit

Naughty PitEdit

Jo: "You will not be watching PB&J Otter and Sofia the First right now because you need to get ready for school."

Stay in BedEdit

Mommy & MeEdit

Car Drill TechniqueEdit

Toothbrush TechniqueEdit

Family TimeEdit

Green Smoothie TechniqueEdit

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