The List Family is a fanon season 19 episode of Supernanny, Jo is now off to York, Pennsylvania to meet the Lists. Brunetta, age 26, and River, age 28 are having problems with their fraternal octuplets: Erica, Christian, Ron, Sydney, Sophia, Cameron, Ernie, and Paige, age 3. These kids cause extreme mayhem. They hit, spit, kick, swear, pull hair, refuse to stay in bed or brush their teeth, and other bad stuff. They also work as a team to do unacceptable actions. Car trips and eating out can be a nightmare with the octuplets. They are also one of the most badly behaved set of octuplets Jo has ever encountered. Can Jo pull this family together or everything will fall apart? This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Pit, Green Smoothie, Car Drill Technique, Toothbrush Technique, Mommy & Me, Stay in Bed, and Family Time.

Naughty Pit