Lindsay Kempington (born March 15, 1998) is the eldest child of Charles and Irene Kempington and the big sister of Dylan, Andy, Wendy and Thomas Kempington.


Lindsay has curly blonde hair, amber eyes and fair skin


Family TreeEdit

  • Father: 
  • Stepfather: Charles Kempington (1980-)
  • Mother: Irene Kempington (née: Konichek) (1982-)
  • Brothers: Dylan Kempington (2005-), Andy Kempington (2005-), Thomas Kempington (2010-)
  • Sister: Wendy Kempington (2007-)
  • Aunts: Eleanor Kempington- ( -), Aggie Kempington- ( -), Lenore Konichek- ( -)
  • Uncles: Drosslemeyer ( -), Morton Konichek ( -), Cornelius ( -), Adolph ( -), Roscoe Kempington
  • Cousins: Bugsy Konichek, Rosa Kempington, Irene Kempington, Wally Konichek, Lona Kempington, Leota Konichek
  • Grandmothers: Velda Konichek (née: King) ( -), Pamela Kempington (née: ) ( -)
  • Grandfathers: Bruno Konichek ( -), Robert Kempington ( -)


  • Her full name is Lindsay Rhea Kempington
  • For Halloween 2010, she was dressed up as a Crayola Tickle Me Pink crayon complete with black leggings, Crayola Tickle Me Pink beauty eyelashes and black glitter flat shoes
  • For Christmas 2010, she received a Nintendo DS XL system, an iPod Nano, a strawberry compact mirror, strawberry nail clippers, a Hannah Montana the Movie DVD, an iTunes gift card and a sketch book.


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