Liam Horiaminsky (born December 24, 2008) is the youngest son of Adam and Julie Horiaminsky and the youngest brother of Ryan Horiaminsky.


Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Adam Horiaminsky (1978-)
  • Mother: Julie Horiaminsky (1978-)
  • Brother: Ryan Horiaminsky (2006-)
  • Aunts: 
  • Uncles; 
  • Cousins: 
  • Grandfathers: Albert Johnson ( -), Benjamin Horiaminsky ( -)
  • Grandmothers: Annette Johnson ( -), Genevieve Horiaminsky ( -)


  • His full name is Liam Isaac Horiaminsky
  • His favorite food is dinosaur chicken nuggets
  • His favorite TV program is Handy Manny


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