The Levine Family is a Fanon Season 25 episode of Supernanny. In this episode, Santino (36) and Esther (37) decided to struggle with their 11 children. Ola heads out to Albany, New York to visit them. Herman (15) likes to terrorize his younger siblings and spits and hits. Mitchell (14) refuses to do homework and slacks on chores. Mirinda (13) is well-behaved. Kyle (12) does talk back. Hayleigh (11) is extremely violent, she is known to hit, swear, punch, bite, kick and stab people. Lauren (10) hits, kicks and screams. Luther (9) throws wild parties nonstop every time the family goes somewhere special (like a wedding!) without permission and makes huge messes. Gabby (8) likes to to misbehave all the time and is never well-behaved. She bites, scream, hit, kick and yell. Joshua (7) is well-behaved. Victoria (6) kicks, screams, throws toys and punches Esther's womb for a upcoming daughter. Miguel (4) is well-behaved and is having a birthday party in a few days. Will Ola help this family or will the badly-behaved kids turn over new leaves?

Disciplines used: Naughty Triangle (for Gabby and Victoria) and Naughty Grid (for Herman, Mitchell, Kyle, Hayleigh, Lauren and Luther)

Other techniques: Essay Order, Thought BoxElectronic ConfiscationToy ConfiscationVandal DisposalMommy and Me and Reward Chart (Baseball for Herman, Soccer for Mitchell, Cheetah Girls for Mirinda, Star Wars: Rebels for Kyle, Monster High for Hayleigh, Brave for Lauren, Adventure Time for Luther, Tom and Jerry for Gabby, Pinky and the Brain for Joshua, Disney Princess for Victoria and Captain America for Miguel)

Table of BehaviorEdit

Screaming-Kyle, Hayleigh, Lauren, Luther, Gabby and Victoria



Kicking Esther's womb-Victoria

Spitting-Kyle, Hayleigh, Lauren, Luther, Gabby and Victoria

Throwing toys-Kyle, Hayleigh, Lauren, Luther, Gabby and Victoria

Terrorizing Miguel, Mirinda and Joshua-Kyle, Hayleigh, Lauren, Luther, Gabby and Victoria

Ruining holidays-All

Refusing to do homework-Mitchell and Kyle

Flipping off-All

Throwing objects-All

Jumping on furniture-Luther (possibly)


Stabbing-Kyle, Hayleigh, Lauren, Luther, Gabby and Victoria

Biting-Kyle, Hayleigh, Lauren, Luther, Gabby and Victoria

Pinching-Kyle, Hayleigh, Lauren, Luther, Gabby and Victoria

Making messes-Luther

Throwing tantrums-Kyle, Hayleigh, Lauren, Luther, Gabby and Victoria

Slacks on chores-Mitchell

Transcripts in Theory GamesEdit

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