The Lengthwoman Family is a fanon season 20 episode of Supernanny. High-school assistants Kirk (40) and his wife Katherine (37), have 16 unruly kids. Can Jo help this family?

Discipline Techniques: Naughty Swivel (for Morgan, Mariah, Radburn, and Radborne), Naughty Tuffet (for Rain, Mackenzie, Magdalene, and Larson), Reflection Room (for Edyta, Caldwell, and Ladivina), Naughty Platform (for Salisbury and Johann), Naughty Pit (for Bryce, Rachael, and Aidan), Lose What You Like Chart, and Toy Confiscation.

Other Techniques: Snack Box Technique


  1. Morgan (17) ~ She comes to college parties and smokes pot.
  2. Mariah (17) ~ Morgan's twin sister. She does the same as Morgan.
  3. Radburn (16) ~ He sucks his skin until it bleeds, sings songs with explicit lyrics, uses Karvol, uses potties, uses arm bands to go swimming, and is on the merge of recording songs with unacceptable lyrics in a studio and making them popular.
  4. Radborne (16) ~ Radburn's twin brother. He does the same as Radburn.
  5. Rain (14) ~ He is defiant, aggressive, uses Karvol, uses arm bands, calls Kirk and Katherine every name in the book, smuggles drugs, hangs out with his friends with no permission, and smokes pot.
  6. Mackenzie (12) ~ She kicks, yells and spits. She has been expelled from 24 schools. She has the same brain as Hayleigh Levine and Marie Panizza.
  7. Magdalene (11) ~ She does the same as Mackenzie. She has the same brain as Hayleigh Levine and Marie Panizza.
  8. Larson (10) ~ He fights, swears, slits his wrist, pulls hair, throws things at people, pushes people off trampolines, and attempts to commit suicide.
  9. Edyta (8) ~ She bites, fights and swears.
  10. Caldwell (7) ~ He is like "the master of disaster".
  11. Ladivina (6) ~ She bites, fights and swears.
  12. Salisbury (5) ~ He swears and throws tantrums when things don't go his way.
  13. Johann (4) ~ He swears, throws things, pours shampoos out, spits, and pees on furniture.
  14. Bryce (3) ~ He makes fun of people, swears, and acts odd around the clock.
  15. Rachael (3) ~ She bites, spits, swears, pulls hair, pushes off trampolines, and does other stuff.
  16. Aidan (2) ~ Throws temper tantrums.
All under 13 also refuse to eat healthy foods and always eat unhealthy foods.

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