Lark Bones (born September 20, 2028 in Sydney, Australia) is the adoptive daughter of Louie and Joanne Bones and the vigintuplet sister of Audrianna, Kaelen, Kiel, Adaline, Abbey, Adnoartina, Darniel, Lawson, Bruno, Honour, Bindi, Lachlan, Elias, Gavin, Jewel, Jody, Jaylen, Hayley and Coleen.



Family TreeEdit


  • Her full name is Lark
  • She dressed up as Wonder Woman for Halloween 2030
  • Her favorite movie is Disney's Read it and Weep
  • Her favorite TV show is
  • Her favorite color is
  • Her favorite toy is pink Nerds plush character
  • She is afraid of needles and getting shots at the hospital


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