Christmas Eve Dance PartyEdit

Christmas DayEdit

Opening PresentsEdit

Zoe: "Girls! Come and get your presents!"

[Marie and Laura run downstairs, then Marie looks in her stocking]

Marie: "Sweets, lapel pins from Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Fruit, and a....? Andrew, what's this?"

[Marie holds up a plush of Trafalgar Law from One Piece]

Andrew: (smug) "Your favorite anime boy, the guy that was popular before he did even anything."

Marie: "I like it! My biological parents are okay with Japan, I visited Japan, but here's the problem, when we go to Japan, I have to be careful, I call them so they know I am not being politically defective."

[Marie opens her presents]

Marie: "Ooh, A Kim Jong-il portrait, again for the 5th year, Bart doll, Lisa doll, Marge doll, Homer doll, The Simpsons Movie Blu-Ray, Maggie doll, thanks Andrew!"

[Laura looks in her stocking and only finds coal]

Laura: "Only coal."

[Laura also finds a note saying "Laura, you have been anything but good this year, you tortured your North Korean sister and disrespected her opinions on Chick-fil-A, harassed her parent, hit stepmommy and daddy, screamed, threw fits and yelled, from Santa" in cursive]


Zoe: "Laura, can you please stop using bad words? Anyway, the reason why she got presents was because you were naughty. You can try getting presents again next year."

Danny: " "

Andrew: "I'm so glad you liked it."

Marie: "I love it, I'm gonna treasure them forever!"

Christmas DinnerEdit

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