A list of schools Laura has been kicked out of:

  1. Maize Roads Elementary School for bullying a 7 year old girl from China named Mei, a 11 year old boy from Japan named Yoshi, an 8-year old girl from Vietnam named Kim, and a 13 year old girl from South Korea named Ji min.
  2. A+ Arts Academy High for making the final class watch disgusting videos and racial remarks about asian people
  3. Oakstone Academy for poisoning the school chicken dinners with methanol but all the students survived because a 12 year old knew they were poisoned and making the final class watch the Cursed Ring Grape (by Joshua from the Juritin Family)
  4. St. James the Less School for stealing money from the collection plate and launching birds with a slingshot at the school building.
  5. St. Anthony School for constantly disrupting lessons and fighting other children
  • Laura now attends Warner Girls Leadership Academy
  • Laura has the same brain mixed with Damian from the Kipit family and most notably Orla from the Birou Family, but she is not bad as Sabrina-Brunetta Spears or Skylar Funnie.
  • In Christmas 2025, Laura received nothing but coal in her stocking.
  • Laura loves Chuck E. Cheese's
  • Laura's favorite bird is the chicken.
  • Laura hates Chick-Fil-A and KFC, and all kinds of chicken restaurants
  • Laura's favorite foods are pizza, corn dogs, hamburgers, fish sticks, ice cream, french fries, fruit salad and milkshakes
  • Laura's favorite meats are beef and fish
  • Laura's favorite dish is macaroni and cheese
  • Marie's favorite movie is The Simpsons Movie
  • Laura is a huge fan of Disney's Frozen
  • Marie's favorite dish is Pyongyang style-cold noodles, a popular dish in North Korea
  • The reason why Marie is living with the Lara-Rutters is because her own biological parents have been threatened by the Taliban to kill her and her father having no parental skills alongside his wife, he and her are still alive and are friends with Zoe and Danny.

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