Before the revolving line of creditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny."

[Laura spits on Zoe]

Announcer: "Jo meets a family with an oldest daughter, who is from one of the most anti-American nations in the world."

Marie: "No, not China, North Korea, yes, North Korea, I see my biological mom and dad once a year."

Annoncer: "Her PTSD is so severe, she has a live in therapist who does stuff such as breathing exercises and yoga to help her calm down."

Marie; " I just wish Laura would treat me better and realize that I'm not a commie, I'm her sister!"

[Marie breaks down crying]

Leila: "Come here. You need a hug."

[Leila hugs a sobbing Marie]

Leila: "There, there. Let it all out and cry all you need."

[Marie pushes her away]

Marie: "Don't, I attack people when they do that...."

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's see what family we got here."

???: "Hi, I'm Zoe."

???: "Hi, I'm Danny."

Zoe: "We have 4 kids, Marie is 10½, Laura is 4, Myles and Samantha are one week."

Danny: "Marie was adopted from Korea and we went there, we knew what we could and couldn't do, she came home at the age of 1 because she was a subject of a terrorist attack by the Taliban, who didn't want women in the Korea military, and she was the subject, her biological parents, couldn't look after her, one, they were in the military, the mother half-time, her father full-time, and her father suffers starvation periods, and two, they were in University and they wouldn't quit, she came with a note, it said in Korean, 'We want someone, very special to adopt our little girl, I don't care about the nationalities, I just want someone special', the first time we came back to the US from Korea, my grandfather chastised me for 'adopting a g**k'."

Zoe: "It's Laura that torments her, she bullies her, calls all kinds of slurs, calls her names, and the worse of the worst, she hates Marie with a passion and wishes she stayed in Korea."

Danny: "Marie, has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from her near death and often spends the afternoon crying in her room and doesn't come out."

Zoe: "it's so severe, she has to have a live in therapist named Leila, who is always on call if there's a problem."

[we see a young brown eyed woman, with long brown hair with blonde streaks who is 23, wearing gold hoop earrings, a white watch, gemstone necklaces and bracelets jeans, boots and a green check shirt with a white t shirt underneath]

???: "Laura Jane Lara-Rutter! You know perfectly well that you have been bullying your sister! Get back into time out right now! I'm really cross with you!"

Laura: "(bleep) you Leila!"

Jo: "Who's this?"

Danny: "Oh that's Leila, Marie's live in therapist."

Zoe: "To help her cope with her PTSD, as I've noticed that it is now a really serious matter, regarding her stress levels."

Leila: "Hi I'm Leila Morgan. I've been Marie's therapist for the past 3 years now."

Observation BeginsEdit

Zoe: "Laura is in time-out in her room right now."

Jo: "Why is that, Zoe?"

Zoe: "Bullying Marie and making fun of her for being born on a dictatorship country."

Jo: "Can I see her?"

[Jo comes over to Marie, who is holding her Law plushie and she hides behind the couch]

Zoe: "Marie almost died a couple of weeks ago at school, this is why she's unable to trust others properly, her country is the butt of many jokes, she hates people doing it, she's very shy and her father, Ri Kon-Yung, a DMZ guard we are best friends for life with, he was saddened what happened to his daughter, he held some of the lapel pins she collected around for days, yes, some of her lapel pins go to her father, we go to North Korea, at least 6 times a year.

Danny: "There was one time in school, Marie was banned from a Halloween disco because, her biological dad, made a KPA costume to wear, including cap, she wore lapel pins and had a toy bayonet and gun as a prop, students and staff complimented her, saying she resembled a doll and that her father was good fashion designer, until a teacher told her it was offensive and she had to remove it, I thought she looked really nice, her friend Andrew, got a ROK uniform made for him, he also got banned from the Halloween disco, their fathers were outraged, there was one time she was banned from seeing a movie for Movie Time on Friday at the end of the day, the movie? Bend it Like Beckham, she and her father love that film, the excuse was that 'She keeps commenting in Korean', and she was banned from a talent show, the song, Song of General Kim Il-sung, her dad teaches her to sing it."

[Marie comes up to Jo]

Danny: "Sweetie, this is Jo-Jo."

Marie: "H-H-H-Hi, Good American?"

Danny: "Yes, sweetie, good American, Jo, Marie divides Americans into two groups, American Imperialists and Good Americans."

Observation ContinuesEdit

[We hear Laura singing "Let it Go" loudly]

[Zoe, Danny and Marie cover their ears with Marie clutching her Law plush doll to her right ear to block it off]

Marie: "You have been singing that song for about...100,000 times already!"

[Danny knocks on the door]

Danny: "Laura, sweetie, Marie's getting annoyed. Can you please stop?"

Laura: "But, I like that song!"

Danny: "Laura, Marie finds it rather irritating. Could you find another song to sing, please? But don't sing it too loudly. OK?"

Laura: "Okay."

[Laura begins singing "For the First Time in Forever"]

[Marie holds her Sideshow Bob doll more tightly to her ear]

Danny: "Laura, sweetie, it's time for preschool. Are you dressed?"

Laura: "Yes, Daddy."

[We hear "Do you Wanna Build A Snowman?" playing, with Laura singing]

Danny: "Is your hair combed?"

Laura: "Yes, Daddy."

Danny: "Wonderful, now it's time for you to come out and have breakfast. We are having waffles!"

[Marie slowly eats her waffles, then Laura tries to take her waffles, but fails]

Marie: "" (Translation: Don't take mine!)

Laura: "Well, I'm extra hungry."

Danny: "There is plenty of waffles for the both of you. Laura, dear. It's time for preschool."

Coming home from schoolEdit

Marie: "Mom, I'm home."


Jo: "It was bedtime, Marie was ready to sleep, but not Laura, who wanted to watch Frozen, but Mom was having none of it."

[Marie is seen in bed, who is holding a book and her Lisa and Law plush with Danny kissing her goodnight]

Danny: "Goodnight, Marie."

Marie: "Jalja, dad."

[Danny then leaves the room]

[We hear screaming]


[Marie then gets up]

Marie: "Why can't you let me sleep?"

Zoe: "Laura! You can't watch Frozen right now, it's bedtime, you can watch it tomorrow."

[Marie looks out of her window]

Marie: "" (Translation: Mom, Dad, I miss you two.....)

[Marie puts her palm on the window while holding an artic fox and Law plush]


[Marie starts gritting her teeth, drops her dolls in anger, and starts putting her hands on her head then starts to hold her Build-a-Bear Ruby tight to her]


Jo: "Marie then lost her temper."

Marie: "" (Translation: SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP!)

[Marie goes down on her knees and breathes heavily, and her hair is seen covering her face]


[Zoe confiscates Laura's Frozen DVD]

Zoe: "I'll put the DVD away for the night. You can watch it tomorrow after school, OK?"

[Danny goes to Marie's room]

Danny: "Marie? Are you okay?"

Marie: "I hate that little brat, she's bratty and spoiled, how did her biological mom raise her? To be a rotten and selfish little girl?"

Danny: "It's okay sweetie, I'll get you a glass of warm milk, get yourself to bed."

[Marie goes into her bed]

Marie: "Are you okay Ruby?, It's okay, I don't like her either, she's so noisy, We'll watch The Force Awakens when the morning comes."

[Ruby does not answer]

Marie: "Yeah, I miss my parents too, You look really nice in your Kylo Ren outfit, There's a lady that's going to sort out Laura's behavior."

[Danny comes in with the warm milk]

Marie: "Dad's coming up with milk, It's nice talking to you, Ruby, time for bed, Ruby."

[Marie drinks the warm milk]

Jo: "Danny..."

Danny: "Marie got Ruby while she was in New York, she talks to him like if he was an actual person, she's a Lonely Doll Girl, other than her small group of friends, who she only sees at school, during summer holidays."

Parent MeetingEdit

[Zoe, Jo and Danny sit together]

Jo: "Did Laura ruin any holidays?"

Zoe: "Yes, we went to New York City, and went to Build-A-Bear Workshop, both girls got one, Marie named hers Ruby and Laura, Anna, Ruby was a camo bear dressed in an officer's uniform while Anna was a Frozen-themed one in a Elsa dress, She stole both and said she wanted both of them, but we got it off her, then she threw a tantrum because she wasn't allowed in an over-10 store, while Marie got a WWII movie, Marie also brought a Kylo Ren costume for Ruby aswell, which is the outfit she dressed Ruby in."

Teaching BeginsEdit

[Jo arrives]

Naughty Pillow TechniqueEdit

Marie: "Laura, can I have my Bart Simpson doll back please?"

[Laura beheads the Bart Simpson plush]

[Laura places the beheaded Bart plush next to the Sideshow Bob plush before taking a picture]

Laura: "Here's your stupid, dumb old doll, g**k! GO BACK TO NORTH KOREA! If you tell mommy and daddy, I will kill you!"

Marie: "MOO-OOOOM!"

Zoe: "What is it, Marie?"

Marie: "LAURA KILLED BART! She threatened to kill me if I told you. She made the picture look like Sideshow Bob killed him!"

Laura: "Haw-Ha! That is just what you get for being a g**k!"

[Marie shows Zoe the beheaded Bart plush]

Zoe: "Laura Jane, you need to go sit on the Naughty Pillow. That was not very nice."

[Marie bawls holding her decapitated Bart doll]

Marie: "I just got my Bart plush for my birthday last year and my sister killed him...."

[Zoe puts Laura on the Naughty Pillow]

Zoe: "It was not very nice of you to destroy your sister's property or threaten her life. You sit here until I tell you that you can get up."

Zoe: "Laura, you do not destroy your sister's property!"

[Laura spits in her mother's face]

Jo: "She spit in your face like a camel, so use a low tone of voice, come down to her level. Watch this..."

Jo: (to Laura) "You do not spit at anybody because that behavior is unacceptable, do you understand? Now you stay on this pillow."

[Jo and Zoe leave Laura on the Naughty Pillow]

[Laura escapes and kicks Marie in the groin]

Marie "I can't deal with this minguk nom!"

[Marie runs in her room]

Jo: "Laura, you do not hit your sister!"

[Jo puts Laura on the Naughty Pillow, then later goes upstairs and finds Marie in her bedroom, crying]


[Zoe then comes up]

Zoe: "Marie's parents are still alive Jo, honey, it's alright, we will see them, okay?"

Jo: "What does minguk nom mean?"

Zoe: "American b*****d, she only uses this term to Americans she doesn't like or if Laura is tormenting her."

[Laura escapes the Naughty Pillow and hits Myles and Samantha, making them cry in the process]

Zoe: "Laura, no! Do not hit the babies!"

[Laura snatches Zoe's favorite vase and hurls it against the wall, smashing it into pieces]

Zoe: "Not my vase! That was expensive!"

[Zoe returns Laura to the Naughty Pillow, grabs a broom and proceeds to sweep up the broken vase]

[Zoe picks up the Bart plush and gets the sewing kit]

Marie's 11th Birthday PartyEdit

Jo: "Today it was Marie's birthday and she was having a The Simpsons-themed birthday party we invited her friends from her Learn Japanese After-School Club and middle school."

[Danny is dressed as Homer Simpson, Zoe is dressed as Marge Simpson, the twins are both dressed as Maggie Simpson and Laura is dressed as Bartman]

Marie (Dressed as Lisa Simpson): "Hey look guys! There's Zoe, Yuki, Annie, Lucas, Joseph, and Toshio!"

[The Simpsons music is playing in the background]

[On the buffet table, we see Duff beer, chicken drumsticks, Homer's donuts, PB&J sandwiches, chocolate coated rice Krispie treats, mashed potatoes, Itchy and Scratchy's Chips and Dip, meatloaf, porkchops, pizza, Lisa's Vegetarian platter, Apu's Squishees, Krusty Burgers, cookies, Frosty chocolate shakes, Lisa Simpson's Sweet Punch, and Krusty's Juggling Ball tomatoes]

Jo: "Marie and her friends played such games as Bart Simpson's Skateboard Challenge, Pin the Pacifier on Maggie, donut hunting, Homer's donut eating contest, Pass the Beer, Marge's Grocery Bag, Homer's Nuclear Rod Toss, Krusty Clown Splash, Simpsons Pinata, Puzzled Simpsons Family, Simpson Family Acting Contest, Simpsons Character Matchup, and Simpson Tag. Later on, there was an outdoor movie screen that would show 'The Simpsons Movie'."

[we see a donut station with plain donuts, plenty and different kinds of donut dips and toppings]

[The venue is decorated with Airwalker Simpson character balloons.]

[Danny mounts large picture cut-outs of the Simpsons in the wall]

[Danny ties inflated yellow balloons at the back of the chairs and put some Simpson character toys in the center of the tables as centerpiece as well as small TV made from medicine boxes]

[In the kitchen, we see a round cake in the shape of a donut covered with pink frosting and sprinkled with small bits of chocolates and other toppings. Zoe grabs a tube of red frosting and writes "Happy Birthday, Marie". She takes the cake outside and places it on the table]

[We see light berry liquor being served to adults and fruit juice served to children]

[on the table we see a pile of presents for Marie] 

Toshio: "Marie, I got you a Pikachu plush, I didn't know what I'd give you, so here it is."

Marie: "Thank you, Toshio-san."

Yuki: "I have a present for you, too."

Danny: "Okay, who is ready to watch 'The Simpsons Movie' on the big backyard screen?"

Marie: "Me!"

Laura's Epic TantrumEdit

Jo: "Laura wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese's in honor of Marie's 11th birthday shortly after The Simpsons-themed party, but when mom and dad already decided that the family will go to Chick-Fil-A, Laura kicked up a tantrum that lasted through even the entire trip."

Danny: "Kids, we're going to Chick-Fil-A in honor of Marie's 11th birthday."

Laura: "But I wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese's!"

Zoe: "Laura, mommy and daddy have already booked a trip to Chick-Fil-A because it's Marie's favorite fast food restaurant. Let's get in the car."


Marie: (covering her ears) "Laura, can you please be quiet and cut that out? I'm trying to get ready! Besides, I am probably too old for Chuck E. Cheese's."

Laura: "No! I am staying home!"

[Myles and Samantha begin to cry]

Zoe: "See, Laura? Now you're distracting your siblings."

[Laura kicks Myles and Samantha]

Marie: "Chickens being your favorite bird is a lame excuse why we can't go!"

Laura: "SO WHAT, F***ING G**K?!"

Zoe: "Laura, you need to cut it out with that language and stop calling her that, she is different than you. When is this nonsense going to stop?"

Laura: "Never!"

Marie: "Chick-Fil-A, I know it didn't originate in Korea, but the food there, tastes like absolute heaven."

Danny: "Jo, is there nothing we can do?"

[Suddenly, Laura hurts her foot]

Laura: "Ow, I hurt my foot!"

Danny: "See what your actions caused yourself? When you throw tantrums, you are bothering people and they might not want to be around you. You could hurt yourself or other people."

Laura: "Awwwww....No fair!"

At Chick-Fil-AEdit

Marie: "Friends are coming?"

Danny: "Yes, those people care for you and help you."

[Laura is playing in the ball pit/playground]

Voice: "Order ready for Lara-Rutter! Ready for pick-up! Repeat, Order ready for Lara-Rutter! Ready for pick up!"


Jo: "Mom and Dad were not pleased with what happened at Chick-Fil-A so then there's the aftermath."

Danny: "Laura, we're very upset with your very poor behavior at Chick-Fil-A."

Laura: "But I wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese's! Chick-Fil-A kills chickens and they're my favorite kind of birds! Besides, Chuck E. Cheese's is a million times more fun anyway, and I am already full from the party!"

Zoe: "The reason why we chose to go to Chick-Fil-A was because Marie likes that place. We don't care if you think Chuck E. Cheese's is fun."

Danny: "That's it. You're also grounded for a month."

Laura: "What does that mean, daddy and mommy?"

Zoe: "One thing you're banned from is playing with ALL of your friends."

Laura: "Everybody in school hates me anyway."

[Danny sends Laura to the Naughty Pillow]

Danny: "Now stay there for 4 minutes. Don't get up!"

[Danny confiscates Laura's Ladybug Pillow Pet]

Laura: "I WANT MY PILLOW PET!!!" (Tries to retrieve her Pillow Pet, but fails)

Danny: "Sorry, but you can't get it back until tomorrow."

[Marie is seen practicing Korean writing The Song of General Kim Il-Sung in Korean while humming it]

Laura: "We were a happier family, until Marie showed up."

Zoe: "Marie's from my previous marriage, Laura."

Laura: "Whatever! I liked it better when it was just my dad and me. I wish I knew what happened to my real mommy."

Danny: "Laura, when is this nonsense going to end?"

Laura: "Never!"

Danny: (sighs) "Just stop."

Black SheetsEdit

Reward ChartEdit

[Jo brings in two reward charts, The Simpsons reward chart for Marie and Frozen for Laura]

Thought BoxEdit

Mommy and MeEdit

Jo: "Danny was working a triple shift at the bakery and the twins were dropped off at their grandparents."

[Zoe and Jo find Marie with her Build-A-Bear]

Zoe: "Marie, me and Jo-Jo got something for you and Laura."

Marie: "Ruby, there's something going on, let's find out."

Baby​ LogEdit

Jo talks to MarieEdit

Jo: "I talked to Marie why she was bullied at school and I got to learn about her backstory."

Jo: "Marie?"

Marie: "Yes, Jo-Jo?"

Jo: "Why did those people hurt you?"

Marie: "Nor-Nor-North-----Ko-Ko-Korea, I am from Korea, yes, the part Kim Jong-un rules, Communism, this makes it harder, I am called "Commie" "Kim Jong-Il-ette" and my ever oh-so favourite "Kim Il-sung's great-great niece.", I'm easily targeted and bullied by Koreaboos, the ones that hate the North and like the South, I love South Korean dramas, (sniff) I only get to see my biological parents once a year, they bring me to North Korea so I can see them, they wanted someone really special to adopt me and raise me, they call me Ri Min-Li in North Korea, I know all the tourist attractions and I lead my parents in North Korea so they don't end up in a prison camp, I tell them all the rules in North Korea and what you cannot do and can do, It has very bad human rights, If a leader dies, you have to cry or it's labour, I don't mind visiting, I help my parents when we are over there to visit my parents."

Jo: "And, tell me about your biological parents."

Marie: "My name wasn't really Marie, it is Ri Min-Li, my dad's name is Ri Kon-Yung and my mom's name was Ri Ji-Min, I never took Anti-US propaganda cartoons really seriously, I was smiling and laughing at the cute cartoon characters, they didn't seem to mind, My father was a border guard and others, especially females find it hard to take him seriously, he was called "stud muffin" by British tourists and mom, because he was considered by mom "so adorable that he doesn't realise that how adorable he was" he was slender and pretty, It is actually possible to tour in North Korea, but be, very, very careful what you do, no shirts with English on them, no jeans, I pack skirts everytime I go, if your birthday's December 17th or July 8th, you can't celebrate it, because the leaders, Eternal President Kim Il-sung and Dear Leader Kim Jong-il, died on those days, being in school, filled with bullies, is like those camps that dad had told me about, life-threatening conditions, that's why my dad never leaves Pyongyang, I spent a month with my parents each year, So I can spend a month with them while my adoptive parents are in Koryo hotel, Pyongyang, I am homeschooled while there, my dad, he is very curious to know them, people bully me, it got so bad I ended up in hospital, and when Zoe told this to mom, she was hysterical, she wouldn't stop crying, I put on the phone, I said to her that I was alright, and she stopped, I sang a little tune in Korean what my dad sang to me when I was a baby."

[Marie picks up a picture and shows it to Jo]

Jo: "There's your adoptive family and....?"

Marie: "My biological mom and dad, The problem is, my biological parents cannot go to America, so for them to be in the photo, we have to travel to North Korea, first we go China then Air Koryo, long, but entertaining."

[Marie shows Jo another picture of her and her biological parents]

Marie: "Here's a picture of me with my biological parents, I was 4 at the time the picture was taken, Mom is holding me while I hold on to dad's arm, but look, look how both are wearing Korean People's Army uniforms, mom has a miniskirt like those marching women, I'm wearing a sundress with a Kim Jong-il lapel pin, but it's a little hard to see."

Jo: "Your dad, tell me more about him."

Marie: "My dad was malnourished due to poverty in his teen years, he would steal corn, bread, pork, and rice, and Danny has been going to DPRK alot because my dad weighed 42 kg, so he takes my father out on restaurants because he is overly concerned that he's getting food, he gives my dad his food rations when going to North Hamyong, he works at DMZ, my dad loves, and I mean absolutely loves fruit flavoured sweets, he hates taffy, he likes plain food and live fish, so he catches fish and turns it into sushi for him to eat, his least favourite is foie gras, he says duck tastes like something died in it, he is a very timid man and hates his photo taken, ask him before you do it, he prefers working at the DMZ because they were lots of soldiers and guards for him to talk to."

[Marie picks up a Nendoroid-styled doll that resembles her in North Korean military gear]

Marie: "My eomma made this for me, she could make toys, She made it after me, to ease the pain i'm not in DPRK, and with my parents, it's a really cute toy, but I am the only one who got it, it's not available for tourists until I told her to sell it, the money goes to charity, she has one too, it has interchangeable clothes, It was quite a hit in North Korea, it is considered state-controlled because it was made by a soldier, she had permission for toys to be made, they were released in DPRK, ROK, and Japan, however, the dolls aren't that popular in America and were a commercial failure in America and ROK, but a hit in DPRK and Japan, strangely, but the doll didn't say anything Anti-American, Anti-Japanese, or anything offensive to the South,, I gave one to Andrew as a present, she also made a doll after herself and appa, they were called "Little Ri Min-Li's Mom and Dad", they came together, they also wore uniforms, they were changeable and said things, mostly propaganda, but also things about me, cute, nice things, like how much they missed me and loved me, and praise Zoe and Danny for helping me and them."

[Marie picks up her six favorite toys]

Marie: "Toys do not long for love and care, A child does, (sniff), why, did they do this? (almost breaks down crying), What did I do?"

[We hear laughter in the background]

[Marie comes over to a dollhouse that looks alot like her Pyongyang house, with small dolls of her, Ri Ji-Min and Ri Kon-Yung, she then holds the parent dolls and put the Marie doll between the parent dolls and holds their arms together, as if they were holding hands, then she puts them in the bedroom, the doll is put down on the bed, the minature Law plush is put on the bed by the father, and she puts the mother doll over the child's face, indicating kissing goodnight, then she puts the father and mother doll down, then picks up the child doll]

Marie: "I just want my eomma and appa, they haven't heard from me since that day, I wanted a little sister, and this is what I got? A bratty selfish half-pint, no wonder she has no friends."

[Zoe comes in]

Zoe: "Jo, it's best if you leave Marie alone at this point, leave her to cry, going in leads to being attacked."

[Jo then leaves, as Marie cries, holding her Lisa and Law plush]

[we hear more laughter]

Zoe: "Her friends all call this a Witch Period as she will attack when disturbed, like the Witch from Left 4 Dead, this is why we don't go into her room that often."

Marie Acts Out The EventsEdit

Jo: "As what I've been seeing in the past few days, Marie has been using her toys to act out what happened to her."

[Jo comes into Marie's room]

Jo: "Marie, have you been showing your parents what happened?"

Marie: "Yes."

[Marie puts her Law plush down flat in front while she puts her Simpsons plushies and her Starscream figure around it, then she starts moving the toys, implying she was beaten, then the Bart doll is seen holding a small piece of bamboo and gently stabs in the chest and left leg of her doll without piercing it, implying she was stabbed many times, then she puts the doll under the bed, implying they hid her in a cubicle]


[Then she stops and picks up her toys and hugs them]

DVD MeetingEdit

[Marie's crying is heard in the distance]

Jo: "So, your daughter had PTSD, right?"

Danny: "It's responsible for her crying, as you hear in the distance."

Zoe: "Laura wants Marie to take down the Kim il-sung, Kim Jong-il, and Kim Jong-un portraits, but it's against her political beliefs to take them down, Marie also has rarely tasted chocolate, as Laura eats it infront of her, Laura, one time, when I was at a friend's place, Maria was with her friends, Laura always said no one likes a person from a dictatorship country."

Laura turns over a new leafEdit

Zoe: "Marie is tired of being annoyed by Laura so Laura proceeds to turn over a new leaf in order to apologize to her parents."

Jo: "Okay, Laura. I need to tell you. Use a piece of paper, crumble it into a ball throw it on the ground and stomp on it."

[Laura uses a piece of paper, crumbles it into a ball, throws it on the ground and stomps on it]

Jo: "What does bullying look like?"

Laura: "Probably it's like crumbling papers into balls, throwing it on the ground and stomping on it."

Jo: "Right. Now write an apology letter to your family."

Laura: "Okay!"

[Laura writes "Dear family, I am so sorry for being a bad girl. Marie, I'm sorry for making fun of you, annoying you nad hurting your feelings."]

Laura: "Done!"

Farewell, Jo-JoEdit

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