Naughty Pit

In this season finale episode, Jo revisits the Langbroek Family to see how they are doing. Serghei and Alicia now have over nine thousand foster children, five thousand adopted children and ten more children of their own. Teddy, Bryce and Sherman are now well-behaved. Kristin has two more daughters named Amy and Danielle, while Leanne has a son named Eric and is currently expecting twins. Helen, Haley, Bridie (renamed Master B at court last month), and Manuela are in their final years of college, while Leighton and the triplets are in their final years of high school. This time, it's Serghei and Alicia's adopted twin daughters Mary and Marley (both 5) who cause chaos in the house. They behave just like the triplets used to. Can Jo put a stop to Mary and Marley's blatant behavior or will the whole family be torn apart?

Serghei is now 64 years old, Alicia is now 56 years old, Kristin is now 35 years old, Leanne is now 30 years old, Helen is now 28, Haley is now 27, Master B is now 25, Manuela is now 22, Leighton is now 19, Teddy, Bryce, and Sherman are now 18. Shelby is now 17.

Discipline techniques used: Naughty Platform, Naughty Pit, Thinking Pond, Naughty Pillow, Calm Down Zone and Lose What You Like Chart.

Other techniques used: Family Time, Chore Buddy System, Sailor Moon Reward Chart (for Mary and Marley), Socialization, Homework Area, White Sheets and Thought Box

List of 9000 foster children

  1. Johnny
  2. Chris
  3. Molly
  4. Joel
  5. Annabelle
  6. Greta
  7. Brandon
  8. Spenser
  9. Maria
  10. Kalob
  11. Nilson
  12. Lucy
  13. Andrea
  14. Brianna
  15. Casey
  16. Angela
  17. Soledad
  18. Bianca
  19. Mariam
  20. Gardenia
  21. Arnold
  22. Beatriz
  23. Alyssa
  24. Azalea
  25. Blossom
  26. Bluebell
  27. Calla
  28. Camellia
  29. Cherry
  30. Chrysanthemum
  31. Dahlia
  32. Daisy
  33. Flora
  34. Heather
  35. Hyacinth
  36. Iris
  37. Jasmine
  38. Juniper
  39. Laurel
  40. Lavender
  41. Lilac
  42. Lily
  43. Magnolia
  44. Marigold
  45. Myrtle
  46. Orchid
  47. Pansy
  48. Petunia
  49. Peony
  50. Poppy
  51. Rose
  52. Tansy
  53. Tulip
  54. Violet
  55. Zinnia
  56. Jose
  57. Melody
  58. Alba
  59. Francisca
  60. Alvin
  61. May
  62. Arnaldo
  63. Karla

List of 5000 adopted children

  1. Identical twins Marley & Mary (age 5 and adopted from , New Zealand)
  2. Satish (age and adopted from India)
  3. Yulfani (age and adopted from Colombia)
  4. Pavel (age and adopted from Czech Republic)
  5. Flesminane
  6. Alder (age and adopted from Germany)
  7. Fraternal twins Noland & Kate (age and adopted from Ireland)
  8. Aurora (age and adopted from Portugal)
  9. Identical twins Gaby & Joy (age and adopted from Indonesia)
  10. Giovanni (age and adopted from Italy)
  11. Mer (age and adopted from Spain)
  12. Fiona (age and adopted from New Caledonia)
  13. Gregory (age and adopted from Malaysia)
  14. Elizane (age and adopted from Brazil)
  15. Tucker (age and adopted from Canada)
  16. Beliane (age and adopted from Angola)
  17. Ivone (age and adopted from Italy)
  18. Nisti (age and adopted from Sweden)
  19. Kris (age and adopted from Scotland)
  20. Heldur (age and adopted from Estonia)
  21. Solange (age and adopted from Luxembourg)
  22. Harriet (age and adopted from Monaco)
  23. Stacey (age and adopted from Zimbabwe)

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