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This version of the Langbroek Family 2010 Christmas was done by Team Bobbalu. It could be purchasable on the Freak Foor dub of Supernanny: The Theory of Time (making this transcript to be from Freak Foor). Post GameFlame's change, it was removed and replaced by the normal version of the video. Оксана Великажінка, which is above Freak Foor the most, before editing the video, stated her opinion that Sarojini Bobbalu, her aunt-in-law, would be ideal for voicing Jillian, Manuela and Leighton, Gadadhara Bobbalu, her father-in-law, for voicing Serghei, and Оксана decided to voice Alicia, Kristin, Leanne, Helen, Haley, Bridie, Teddy, Bryce, and Sherman.

Dubbing CastEdit

Оксана Великажінка ~ Alicia, Kristin, Leanne, Helen, Haley, Bridie, Teddy, Bryce, and Sherman

Sarojini Bobbalu ~ Jillian, Manuela, and Leighton

Gadadhara Bobbalu ~ Serghei


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