Time to Go to Grandma Edith's HouseEdit

Christmas musicEdit

Celebrating Christmas pastEdit

[Grandma Edith takes proper precaution to lock away inappropriate music]

Watching the Nutcracker ballet on DVDEdit

[Grandma Edith brings out an assortment of sweet and salty nuts, including good old-fashioned nuts in their shells]

Homemade hot cocoaEdit

Christmas EveEdit

Christmas DayEdit

Nicole: " "

[Oliver looks inside his stocking]

Oliver: "Awesome, I got Hershey's chocolate bars, Kit Kat bars, Butterfingers, peppermint bark, Spiderman comics and jellybeans!"

[Beatrice looks inside her stocking]

Beatrice: "Sweet! A chocolate orange, chocolate kisses, some candy canes, chocolate coins and candy cane white chocolate covered mini pretzels!"

[Kent looks inside his stocking]

Kent: "A Chocolate Nutcracker, Skittles, some candy canes, peanut brittle, ribbon candy!"

[Jeff looks inside his stocking]

Jeff: "Some candy canes, chocolate coins and Hershey's chocolate kisses!"

[Jessie looks inside her stocking and finds nothing but big, fat, dirty lumps of coal]

Jessie: "Aww, I got coal..."

[Oliver opens up all his presents]

Oliver: "Cool! A Pokemon X version 3DS game, Pokémon Black and White DVDs, Spiderman movie DVDs, a Monopoly Board Game!"

[Beatrice opens up all her presents]

Beatrice: "Cool! A Draculaura doll, a Cleo de Nile doll, and a cute Mew plushie!"

[Kent opens up all his presents]

Kent: "A Mickey Mouse plush doll, a Mesprit plush doll, a Chespin doll!"

[Jeff opens up all his presents]

Jeff: "A Wreck-It Ralph 3DS game, Wreck-It Ralph DVD!"

[Jessie opens her present to find a note from Santa saying, "Jessie, you were anything but good this year. You said bad words, wrote on the walls, hit your mommy, bullied other children, destroyed school property and got kicked out of summer camps and day cares. Signed, Santa" in cursive]

Jessie: "That's not fair..."

[Quinn steps into the room]

Quinn: "For being put on Santa's Naughty List this year, you have now lost your TV privileges for the rest of the year young lady."


Grandma Edith: "I'm afraid not, Jessie, because Santa put you on the Naughty List this year, which means you do not receive any presents until next year."

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