The family goes trick-or-treatingEdit

Quinn: "Are you ready to go trick or treating?"

Oliver, Kent, and Beatrice: "Yeah!"

Quinn: "Are your costumes on?"

Beatrice, Oliver, and Kent: "Yep."

Quinn: "Okey-dokey! Hop to it!"

[The family leaves the household and begins wandering down the sidewalk]

[Oliver takes off his Ash Ketchum costume and runs across the sidewalk naked]

Quinn: "Oliver, come back here and put your costume on!"

[The family reaches a neighbor's house and Quinn does the honors by ringing the doorbell]

[The neighbor answers the door]

Jeff: (babbles)

Beatrice/Kent: "Trick or Treat!"

Oliver: "Trick or Eminem!"

Quinn: "I beg your pardon, Oliver?"


Neighbor: "Would you darlings like some treats? I've got some toothbrushes for you!"

Oliver: "Toothbrushes?! That's it!"

[Oliver starts throwing large grade A eggs at the neighbors and the house]

1 hour later, the family returns homeEdit

[Jasmin is inspecting the kids' treats in the kitchen whilst Quinn, Oliver, Jeff, Kent and Beatrice are in the living room, watching a Pokemon episode called "The Tower of Terror" on TV]

Jasmin: "Dear, look at all those candy the kids got."

Quinn: "I know."

Oliver: "Did somebody say candy?"

[Oliver rushes to the kitchen table, shoves his parents out of the way, and gobbles up on all of his siblings' candy]

5 minutes later

[Oliver belches]

[Kent, Jeff, and Beatrice head over to the kitchen table]

Beatrice: "Where did all of the treats go?"

Kent: "I don't know..."

Beatrice: "Then who did?"

Oliver: "Me, fools!"

[Oliver burps]

Jasmin: "Young man, I am not happy with-."


Jasmin: "That was so greedy of you!"

[Oliver shuts off the lights and the TV]

[Oliver smashes all of the laptops and throws all of them out the window]

[Oliver flushes 3 phones down the toilet one by one]

[Oliver smashes Jasmin's iPad 4 with a hammer]

[Oliver knocks over the desktop computer with an aluminum baseball bat]

[Oliver uses the baseball bat to knock over the TV]

[Oliver turns on the lights]

Beatrice: "Mommy, something bad happended..."

[Jeff is on the bed, lacerated by his brother]

Jeff: "Mommy...blood..."

Jasmin: "Quinn, I believe that Oliver did all that damage to almost all of our electronic equipment at an extremely high amount, maybe we should call the police for that, luckily my iPhone is the only thing that wasn't damaged."

[Jasmin dials 911]

911 Dispatcher: "Hello?"

Jasmin: "Hi, this is Jasmin Muriel Lake of Springfield, Missouri. I wanted to call the police because my son Oliver damaged almost all of my equipment at a very high amount. I need an ambulance for my youngest son, Jeff who was lacerated."

911 Dispatcher: "The police shall be coming shortly. We'll send in an ambulance."

[Cut to]

[Police cars arrive at the house]

[Jeff is crying and bleeding]

Jeff: "Mama!"

[A policeman approaches Oliver]

Policeman: "Young man, say your name."

Oliver: "Oliver. Oliver Lake."

Policeman: "Oliver Lake? OK. Oliver Joseph Lake."

[Oliver flees the scene]


[Paramedics arrive on the scene and load Jeff onto the gurney and Jasmin climbs in]

[Jeff is crying as he is loaded into the ambulance while the policeman, the paramedic and Jasmin try to comfort him]

Policeman: "It's going to be okay, son. It'll be all right."

[The ambulance drives out into the night]

Cut to:

15 miles later

[the ambulance arrives at the hospital, with the crying Jeff being transferred to an emergency room]

Paramedic: "Don't worry, my man, you are going to be fine."

Jeff: "Mama..."

[cut to]

Policeman 3: "Oliver Joseph Lake, you are under arrest for vandalism, attempted murder of your little brother, and public nudity. You have the right to remain silent."

[cut to]

Jasmin: "Tell me doctor, will Jeff be okay?"

Jeff: "Mama..."


[The Lake Family arrives to the court from the hospital]

[cut to]

[The judge quickly bangs his gavel]

Judge: "Order in the court, people. The state of Missouri vs. Oliver Lake."

Oliver arrives home from Juvenile DetentionEdit

Kent: "Mama, Oliver's coming home!"

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