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Kylie O'Connell (born June 25, 2024 in Sydney, Australia) is one of the adoptive daughters of Darren and Gemma O'Connell and the fraternal decaplet sister of Cody, Amber, Peter-Gabriel, Kate, Bruno, Ben, Steven, Anthony and Hayley.


She has brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She has freckles. she wears a pink dress, gray cardigan, white socks, black flats, pink headband and a heart necklace. She wears different clothes.


Family TreeEdit






Ben: She hates her brother with all her hate because he misbehaves and annoys her all the time.

Cody: She hates her brother because he annoyed her while watching Dead Gorgeous

Peter-Gabriel: She hates her brother because he punched her in the face for not sharing his toys

Bruno: She hates her brother alot and with all her very own hate due to her darkest anger

Amber: She also hates her sister because of her anger and frustration because Amber beat Kylie up

Anthony: She is also kind to her brother alot

Steven: She is nice to her brother and watches TV shows together


  • Her full name is Kylie Bindi O'Connell
  • For Halloween 2035, she is dressed as Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice
  • Her favorite activies are watching shows and movies and hanging out with friends
  • Her favorite color is teal
  • Her favorite store/brand is
  • Her favorite TV shows are Chowder, Dead Gorgeous and Gravity Falls
  • Her favorite movies are Disney's Frozen, Beetlejuice and Disney's Cinderella (1950)
  • Her favorite book is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
  • Her favorite electronic is her iPod Touch
  • Her favorite toy is her Finn plush
  • Her favorite candy is Nestle Crunch
  • She and her sisters are big fans of Frozen and Dead Gorgeous
  • She attends Grosvenor Grammar School
  • She has her own GoAnimate account where she creates her own videos. She created a GoAnimate family based on her current family and a series about Ben, Cody, Amber, Peter-Gabriel and Bruno getting grounded called


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