Kyle Marcus Levine (born October 6, 2021) is a son of Santino and Esther Levine.


He has medium skin, brown eyes and light golden brown hair. He was shown wearing a blue Old Navy shirt, black Brothers jeans and blue slip-ons. His sleepwear was his Spider-Man pajamas.


He is stuck-up, mean and rude. He either backtalks

Birthday PartiesEdit

  • 1st birthday
  • 2nd birthday
  • 3rd birthday
  • 4th birthday

Family TreeEdit


  • His full name is Kyle Marcus Levine.
  • He receives coal for Christmas 2032.
  • For Halloween 2032, he was dressed up as the Orange M&M.
  • His favorite activities are riding in his go-kart.
  • He currently attends Yellow Sword Junior High Academy of the Catholics
  • His favorite number is 15
  • His favorite colors are orange and red.
  • His favorite drink is Pepsi
  • His favorite cartoon is American Dad
  • His favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory
  • His favorite toy is his Max Steel action figure
  • His favorite subject in school is Physics
  • He is allergic to shellfish
  • His favorite movie is Spider-Man
  • He gets kicked out of over 20 schools:
  1. Canterville Junior High for punching the teacher right in the face, swearing, tripping over classmates at the cafeteria and killing students that he didn't get invited for the girls only birthday party
  2. Wellnesse Varsity Middle School for yelling, punching and foricng the kids to watch disgusting videos
  3. Crystalvale Junior high
  4. Fairway School
  5. Wayside Middle High
  6. Vertport Academy
  7. Woodmont Catholic High
  8. Wellbrook Cathedral Middle School
  9. Pryborough Academy for the Catholics
  10. Swynview Middle School for Junior Christians
  11. Ostwyn Middle Catholic School
  12. Cliffbush Middle School
  13. Brightdell Junior High


Kyle works as a policeman.

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