Kyle Finster (born January 11, 2012) is a son of Trent and Tiffany Finster and the fraternal sextuplet brother of River, Quinn, Troy, Diego and Andi.



Family TreeEdit


  • His full name is Kyle Vincent Finster
  • In Christmas 2013, he opened his presents to reveal a Nintendo 3DS XL, a Pokémon X game, . And in his stocking, he found a chocolate Santa, a Bugs Bunny plush and a cereal bar.
  • His favorite food is
  • His favorite color is orange
  • His favorite drink is
  • His favorite toy is his Bugs Bunny plush
  • His favorite TV show is
  • Kyle and his family moved to Helena, Montana one month after Jo Frost visited the family and one month after the family adopted Kevin from Australia
  • In the revisited episode, he takes these clubs after school

Mondays: Chess Club with Andi

Tuesdays: Board Game Club with Andi, Kevin and Quinn

Wednesdays: Arabic Club

Thursdays: Computer Club with Kevin and Andi

Fridays: LEGO Club with River and Quinn


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