Kyle Eddon (born June 1, 1990) is a single widowed father of two adopted sons Timmy (from Australia) and Marlin (from Northern Ireland in the UK), who lost his wife Queenie due to a car crash when a drunk driver traveling the wrong way hit her car.



Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Lucius Irwin ( -)
  • Mother: Norma Eddon (née: Whyte) ( -)
  • Wife: Queenie Eddon (née: Irwin) (deceased: 1989-2029)
  • Father-in-Law: Ted Irwin
  • Mother-in-Law: Helen Irwin (née: Wiggins)
  • Sons: Timmy Eddon (2022-), Marlin Eddon (2027-)


  • His full name is Kyle Cameron Eddon
  • He enjoys flying kites and is an inventor of many tools
  • His favorite book is A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
  • He dislikes any kind of music with bad language or bad messages
  • His favorite movie is It's a Wonderful Life

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