Kwang-Sun Williams (born July 11, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea) is one of the adopted sons of Bryce and Petunia Williams and the fraternal twin brother of Ji-min Williams.

Birthday PartiesEdit


He has black hair and brown eyes


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In Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit


  • He and Ji-min came home to the family after being adopted from South Korea when they were 3.
  • For Halloween 2028, he was dressed up as The Joker from the movie The Dark Knight
  • For Halloween 2035, he was dressed up as a Buccaneer Pirate
  • In Christmas 2028, he opened his presents to reveal a South Park Season 1 DVD, a Family Guy Season 10 DVD, Twilight Woods for Men cologne. And in his stocking, he found a couple of ballpoint pens, some keychains, Noir Cologne and Dark Amber 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash.
  • In Christmas 2035, he opened his presents to reveal Paris Blue cologne. And in his stocking, he found Twilight Woods for Men deodorizing body spray.
  • His favorite movie is The Dark Knight
  • His favorite TV show is South Park
  • His favorite color is cobalt blue
  • His talents include ventriloquism, vocal comedy, jump roping and monologue
  • His ice cream flavor is guava
  • His favorite hobbies are cross-dressing, hiking, and fishing
  • His favorite restaurant is Red Robin
  • His favorite video game is Fable Anniversary
  • He is made fun for being anorexic


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