Kuro Unit is a Japanese military unit during WWII, it consisted of Japanese soldiers that killed American soldiers without warning, but gave generosity to occupied nations excluding Korea and China, who witnessed many of Japan's atrocities, they also helped the Team Terrific 10, as they let a policy to let WWII soldier ghosts join, they are shown to support the team and leave their horrible fate behind them.


Ryou Shako (Sniper): Also known as the Seeker, represents the crime of St. Stephen's College massacre

Takashi Yoshita (Radio Operater): Also known as the Hearer, represents the crime of Alexandra Hospital Massacre

Hiro Shinozawa (Unit Leader): Also known as the Hider, represents the crime of Bataan Death March

Huizong/Hideki Zhungxi/Shinozawa (Second in command): Also known as the Hunter, represents the crime of Unit 731

Toshio Kuroko (Agent): Also known as the Spider, represents the crime of the Nanking Massacre

Junichi Tokokawa (Weapon expert): Also known as the Gunner, represents the crime of Sook Ching Massacre

Satoshi Yamoshi (Swordsman): Also known as the Knife, represents the crime of Hell ships

Mi Jung-il/Shōichi Iya (Third in command): Also known as the Hisser, represents the crime of the Death Railway


  • Kuro is Japanese for black

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