In this episode, Kimberley heads to Las Vegas to help single mother Sue Kristian (48), who has four children named Ava (15), Hugh (13), Katie-Louise (12) and Cameron (9). While the youngest children are well-behaved, Ava and Hugh are far from it. Ava smokes, drinks and lies to her mother, while Hugh refuses to do his homework and always fights with Cameron. Will Kimberley save this family?

Discipline TechniquesEdit

  • Calm Down Zone
  • Lose What You Like Chart
  • Get What You Hate Chart

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Family Time
  • Thought Box (for Katie-Louise and Cameron)
  • Cigarette Disposal
  • Trust Technique
  • Brother Box
  • Chore Buddy System
  • Allowance Chart
  • Homework Station
  • Block Violence

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