The Koyo Family is an episode of the 16th season. Jo travels to Tokyo, Japan to help the Koyo's. Satoko, age 34, and Hiro, age 35 and Hiro's 40-year old sister Yume is living with them, have 13 children, Asuka, age 17, Dai, age 15, fraternal septuplets, Toshio, Amaya, Jiro, Emiko, Kenji, Cho, and Satoshi, age 12, and identical twins, Makoto and Koji, age 3, and Identical twins, Hanako and Yuki, age 2. While the septuplets and the 2-year old twins and Dai and Asuka are well-behaved. Makoto and Koji are far from it; they spit, swear, fight, pee their pants, record bad words on Toshio's 3DS, and bully children. Also, they got kicked out of over 40 schools, they throw tantrums, they also refuse to give up their diapers, bottles, and Binkies, and they snatch toys from their septuplet siblings. Can Jo put a stop to this chaotic behavior before everything falls apart?

Discipline Techniques used: Naughty Pit (For Makato and Koji),

Other Techiques used: Reward Chart (Pokemon Reward Chart), Thought Box, Paci-Fairy technique, Potty Training, Bye Bye Bottle, Mommy and Me

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