Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "So I am here in Howell, Utah ready to visit a family who desperately needs my help. Take a look."

???: "Hi, we're the Kon Family!"

Brahm: "I am Brahm and I am a computer programmer."

Hailey: "And I am Hailey and I am a stay-at-home mom. We have 2 children."

Brahm: " We have our son Douglas is 4, and our daughter Florence who just turned 2."

Hailey: "Douglas is defiant. Apparently, he was expelled from at least 100 daycares."


[Douglas pushes his sister, Florence]

[Florence cries]

Florence: "Mommy!"

Jo: "Four years old and he has been kicked out of 100 daycares?"

Hailey: "He got kicked out of alot of daycares."

Observation BeginsEdit

[Douglas is watching Go Diego Go on TV while Florence is watching PB&J Otter on TV]

Jo: "How long do the children normally watch television?"

Hailey: "They watch TV for at least 2 hours."

Jo: "Do they do anything else?"

Hailey: "They play outside."

Douglas' Epic TantrumEdit

Jo: "Later on, Douglas wanted to watch Rolie Polie Olie on TV, while Florence was watching the Pajanimals. Then, Douglas kicked up a very gigantic tantrum that shook the house like an earthquake."

[Florence is watching The Pajanimals on TV]

Douglas: "Hey, Florence, can I watch Rolie Polie Olie?"

Florence: "No thanks."

Hailey: "Douglas Bailey Kon, your sister said no because she is busy watching the Pajanimals. So you can watch Olie later."


[Douglas throws himself to the floor and starts banging the floor with his fists while screaming]

Hailey: "Douglas, that is your warning. You need to be flexible and lower your tone, otherwise you will go to the Naughty Corner for 4 minutes. Am I clear?"

Douglas: "NO!"

[Douglas tips the TV set over, which nearly hits Florence while trying to run out of the way]


[Hailey moves Douglas to the Naughty Corner]

Hailey: "I put you in timeout for throwing a big tantrum and tipping the TV over. It almost hurt Florence. Stay for 4 minutes. In addition, your Handy Manny doll is in toy jail."

Douglas: (screaming even louder) "I WANT HANNNNNDY MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNY!!!!"

[Douglas runs to the master bedroom, locks the door, and watches Rolie Polie Olie on TV]

[Hailey unlocks the door and enters the room]

Hailey: "Turn off Rolie Polie Olie. You are not allowed to watch that while you need to stay in time-out."

[Douglas runs in the bathroom and pees in the shower naked]

Hailey: "Gross! Get back to the Naughty Corner!"

Douglas: "NO!"

[Douglas runs outside and jumps on the backyard trampoline]

Hailey: "Get off the trampoline."

[Douglas escapes and plays with the hot iron]

Hailey: "You do not play with the hot iron!"

Jo: "Now you stay in this corner until mummy can tell you that you can get up!"

[Jo steps in]

Jo : "Douglas Kon, this behavior is unacceptable and it is not a game."

[Jo and Hailey drag Douglas to the Naughty Corner and physically put him there]


Jo: (raising her voice) " "

Dining OutEdit

Douglas meets Sean BusbyEdit

Jo: "Later on, we went on a little trip to meet Sean Busby, who is a professional snowboarder and is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes like Douglas."

Sean: "Hi there, it's me, Sean. I run a snowboarding camp for kids who are like you who have Diabetes!"

Douglas: "Can I join you?"

Sean: "Well, you can join me on our snowboarding team with kids who have Diabetes. OK!"

Douglas: "It is too hard to snowboard."

Sean: "Don't worry, after you are ready to snowboard, I will teach you!"

Douglas: "Cool! I can't wait to try it!"