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Submission ReelEdit

Observation beginsEdit

Observation continuesEdit

Jimmy talks to JoEdit

[Jo finds Jimmy in his bedroom]

Jo: "Hi."

Jimmy: (solemnly) "Hey..."

[Jimmy is looking at a picture of of his dad]

Jo: "Is that your dad?"

Jimmy: "Yes. That's him. I miss daddy so much!"

[Jimmy sheds a tear]

Jimmy: "My dad used to take me to baseball games, play catch with me on the baseball in the park with me. He's the reason I loved it...*sniffs* makes me think about losing him."

[Jimmy cries on Jo's shoulder]

Jo: "I know that you are upset, Jimmy. You don't need to worry about it."

Jimmy: "I wish that I could see him again..."

Announcer: "Coming up on Supernanny...Jo plants a tree in dad's memory."

Jo: "Boys, come outside. I have a little surprise for you."

[They see a tree wrapped with a ribbon engraved with the words, "In Memory of Jim Kolder" on it]

Thinking PondEdit

Jo: "Later on, Mom was trying to get the boys ready to go to church. However, Jimmy wasn't in agreement with that plan."

Tiffany: "Come on boys, get dressed. We're gonna be late for church."

Mark: "Okay!"

Jimmy: "NO! It is boring!"

Tiffany: "Jimmy, if you don't get dressed for church, I'll sell all your Beyblades on eBay!"

Jo: "How is selling his Beyblades on eBay going to teach him to listen?"

Tiffany: "Jimmy loves his Beyblades, and he would hate to lose any of them, especially his Dranzer."

Jo: "But I don't think it will help."

Tiffany: "Okay. Boys we need to go to church now."

Planting a tree in memory of DadEdit

Tiffany: "My husband always liked pine trees."

DVD MeetingEdit



Time to Say GoodbyeEdit

Family UpdateEdit

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