Kobe Cap (born January 23, 2032) is the adoptive son of Matthew and Marci Cap. He was born in Moscow, Russia. His other vigintuplet siblings are Anya, Demetri, Larisa, Gawel, Kilys, Micro, Orya, Mylo, Nadine, Panas, Ninja, Vladimir, Irina, Pavel, Jania, Sashenka, Laika, Waclaw and Yelena. He and his siblings were orphaned as newborns and they lived in an orphanage in Moscow until they were adopted by Matthew and Marci.

Birthday PartiesEdit

  • 1st Birthday-Fancy Ladybug/Party Pups themed party
  • 2nd Birthday-Anastasia/Marvel Super Hero Squad themed party
  • 3rd Birthday-Princess/G.I. Joe themed party
  • 4th Birthday-Transformers/Minnie Mouse themed party
  • 5th Birthday-Iron Man themed party
  • 6th Birthday-Cupcake/WWE themed party
  • 7th Birthday-Turbo themed party
  • 8th Birthday-Skylanders themed party
  • 9th Birthday-camouflage party
  • 10th Birthday-
  • 11th Birthday-
  • 12th Birthday-Army Party
  • 13th Birthday-Dance party
  • 14th Birthday-went to a concert
  • 15th Birthday-went to a sports game



Family TreeEdit




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