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James: "Where shall we go this year, Orla?"

Orla: "I think we want to go on a 7 day vacation to California."

James: "Sounds like a plan, dear."

On the roadEdit

[Anna is watching Tom and Jerry on her portable DVD player in the car while playing with her Tom Cat plush]

Anna: "Since Ji Kwong kept drooling on my dolls, I decided to just leave them at home in the doll case, and in my closet so she wouldn't get her droopy hands on them. Instead, I decided to bring something that wouldn't break so easily, like my Tom Cat and my Jerry Mouse. I won them both at a claw game a couple of years back."

[Anna has packed a sketchbook, some colored pencils, an iPod with a charger, some Tom and Jerry DVDs, a Disney Princess comb, some lipgloss, some nail polish, some pairs of earrings, her Nintendo DSi with games, a pair of sunglasses, and a book about mythology]

Tariko: "Whatever. Fine with me,"

Arriving in CaliforniaEdit

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