In this episode. Jo heads off to Kansas City, Kansas to revisit the Kirochu Family. Anna is now more polite. Ji min and Ji woong are off to college and got married to Thomas Kerriton and Natasha Dumais respectively. Tariko has entered middle school. Ji woong and Natasha have fraternal triplets that have Anna's old behavior; Only two of them have Anna's old behavior, named Ji sung, Ji hung, and Ji chang who are all 3. Ji min and Thomas together have a baby son named Ji wang. Also Ji woong is also eating more, Ji sung is the only well-behaved triplet, and they work together as a team by acting odd around the clock.

Discipline Techniques: Naughty Pit

James is now 35 years old, and Orla is 44.

Ji woong and Ji min are 23 years old, Thomas Kerriton is 23, Natasha Dumais is 23, Tariko is 15, and Anna is 11.

Ji kwong is now 5 years old, Ji sung, Ji hung, and Ji chang are 3, and Ji wang is 2 weeks old.