In this episode, Jo heads to the UK to meet Ola (30). Her husband Craig (32) is in a warzone in Iraq and will return next month. Ola cannot find the need to discipline the children. Even her sister Aliona (28) and Anton (33) help her. Ola even consulted a 26-year old nanny named Holly. Even her friends Nina (27) and Artem (24) help her. Tobias (5), Wendy (4), Amanda (3), and Trent (2) maintain the household. Dinner is an awful nightmare. They even hit, kick, scream, punch, bite, suck their skin, jump on beds, and do all other stuff. Their friends come over nonstop and are as bad as them themselves. Can Jo help this family? Orla Birou-Langbroek makes an appearance.

Discipline techniques: Naughty Blanket (for Tobias and Wendy), Naughty Pit (for Amanda and Trent)

Other techniques: Woody Woodpecker Reward Chart, Good Eater, and Toy Confiscation.