Before the revolving line of creditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

[Anna screams]

Anna: "Leave me alone!"

Announcer: "Jo visits the family with the most badly behaved child ever and 1 grandchild."

Anna: "I want to beat up that lady!

Orla: "No, you don't."

Announcer: "And hitting her sister."

[Anna hits Tariko in the lip, causing it to bleed]

Tariko: "Hey, that hurts!"

Anna: "You cheater!"

[Anna leaps out at Tariko, and starts strangling her she begins to lose her strength]

Orla: "No, get off! You may not attack your sister just because you lost the game."

Tariko: "I feel a bit left out because of Anna's awful behavior."

Anna: "There is nothing you can say or do that will make me change my ways."

Announcer: "Mom's tough love and the two sisters' hatred for each other prove extra challenging for Jo."

[Anna runs into the street half-naked]

Anna: "I do not want to be your daughter anymore!"

[Anna jumps into the backyard pool half-naked]


[Anna punches her plate full of vegetables, sending it flying onto a waiter]

Waiter: "That's it! I quit!"

[The waiter storms off.]

Anna: "You'll never change me, you hear me? Never!"

Announcer: "Will Jo get this devilish Anna to change her ways or has she finally met her match?"

[Anna punches Orla in the nose]

Anna: "Sorry..."

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "I am in England in the town of Pudsey, ready to help a family with 4 adopted children and one grandchild. Join me to take a look."

Orla: "Hi, we're the Kirochu Family. I'm Orla, and I'm a stay at home mom."

James: "And I'm James, and I work at a car company. I work 6 days a week."

Ji Min: "Hi, I'm Ji min I'm their oldest daughter I just turned 18 and I'm from South Korea."

Orla: "We have 4 beautiful children who came into our family through adoption. Ji min's twin brother Ji woong just turned 18 and he is from South Korea, Tariko will be 11 in a few days she came from Japan, and Anna just turned 6 and she is from Russia and our grandchild Baby Ji kwong is a newborn and lived for a fortnight and is from South Korea."

James: "Anna is a spoiled child; she hits her 2 sisters who are well behaved, snatches toys from baby Ji Kwong and hits her niece, who is well behaved as well. All of them know how to speak English. Anna got expelled from 10 different schools. To tell the truth, I really do not know about those schools because Orla won't tell me."


Orla: "We can get it tomorrow if you behave the right way."

Anna: "I WANT IT NOW!"

Orla: "Also Ji woong has an eating disorder and his stomach is quite swollen from how much he ate but he looks extremely thin we are worried about him."

Anna: "Fuck you, mother fucker!"

Orla: "Anna will swear, backtalk, ruin the holidays or special occasions, refuse to eat her vegetables, make verbal threats and hit her niece, brother and sisters."

[Anna pulls Tariko's hair]

Tariko: "Let go of my hair, Anna."

Anna: "You disgusting Japanese bastard! You must die!"

Ji min: "It is also our last 2 weeks here. We will be moving soon to Kansas."

[Anna hitting Ji Woong]

Ji woong: "Ow! stop it! That hurts!"

Anna: "Don't care, you stupid Korean worm!"

Ji woong: "Stop calling me a worm!"

James: "She will also hit Ji Kwong."

[Anna hits Ji Kwong]

[Ji Kwong cries in pain]

Ji min: "Please be nice around your niece, she's only a baby."

Anna: "No she's not, she's a big girl."

Ji min: "No, you're the big girl, and Ji Kwong's a baby."

Tariko: "My little sister is not being a good girl; she won't share her toys with me and she will hit me."

Ji woong: "She hits baby Ji Kwong."

Ji min: "Ji Kwong's only a baby."

Anna: "I will never be good, never!"

Tariko, Ji woong, and Ji min: "Supernanny we need you now! Please hurry!"

Jo: "Do not worry, I am on my way to help shortly!"

Observation beginsEdit

Jo: "Hello, you must be Orla."

Orla: "Please, do come on in. Okay, Tariko came home from Japan year ago we got her from Osaka adoption centre she was 9 at the time, The Twins came home from South Korea which is my favorite country 4 years ago I went to Seoul adoption center with James and we got the twins they were 14 at the time, Anna came home from Russia 6 years ago. We got her from Moscow Adoption centre she was 5 at the time."

[Jo sees Ji kwong]

Jo: "Hello, sweetie."

Orla: "Yes, this is my adoptive granddaughter, Ji kwong. Ji min got pregnant at 17 and had her when after 4 days after turning 18. We adopted her and Ji Woong at 14, Tariko was 9, and Anna was 5."

Ji min: "Hi. You must be Jo. My twin brother is in a room with Tariko."

Ji min: "I was happy when I saw Jo; I could not believe my eyes."

Jo: "Okay."

[Jo enters a room to notice a starved-looking 18 year old boy and a 10-year old girl watching TV]

Jo: "When I saw Ji woong. i was like 'is he starving?' i couldn't tell if he was hungry or or if it is weight but he was tall for an 18-year old."

Jo: "Hi, you must be Tariko. I'm Jo-Jo."

Tariko: "Hi Jo-Jo. Nice to meet you."

Ji woong: "Hi."

Jo: "Wait, where's Anna?"

Tariko: "She is grounded for a month."

[Ji woong and Ji min keep a frowning face]

Jo: "Why are you doing that?"

Orla: "In Korea, smiling at a stranger is an indication that they think you're stupid."

Jo: "Why?"

Orla: "It is insulting..."

Jo: "Why?"

Tariko: "She stole all my Pokemon DVDs, broke into a neighbor's house, danced around the streets naked, sold my plush, and shoplifted at Asda!"

Jo: "What did she steal?"

Tariko: "Oh, some Pudsey Bears. She got arrested by the police and we picked her up at the station."

Ji min: "She got her TV taken out of her room."

Jo: "Can I see her?"

Tariko: "Sure, but be careful; she throws T.Y. beanie babies at you and says bad-words if you come in her room."

Tariko: "I was happy when I saw Jo-Jo."

[Jo comes in Anna's room]

Anna: (sneering) "Hi there bastard face you bastard you piece of S@#t!"

[Anna throws her T.Y. beanie babies at Jo]

Tariko: "See?"

[Jo also sees drawings of people resembling her family being crushed to death by a steamroller, Tariko's head being sliced off, Ji Woong being eaten alive by coyotes, James being struck by lightning, and Ji Min being burned to death by Tariko]

Jo: "I do not want you to use that kind of language! Those are not very nice words to say."

Anna: "Fuck you motherfucker!"

[Anna spits in Jo's face]

Jo: "That is unacceptable. You do not spit in people's faces."

Jo: "It was absolutely disgusting! Where did that 6-year-old hear such words like that?"

Ji woong: "Also, I have a laceration on my neck after Anna stabbed with a knife it was 6 days ago so my mom made me wear a bandanna to cover it and Anna also stabbed me in the stomach making me wear a sleeveless vest to stop the bleeding. She was taken into police custody for 4 hours."

Jo: "How did she get that knife?"

Ji woong: "She got it from the kitchen and went into my room and stabbed me in the stomach then in the neck with it."

Jo: "I cannot believe what I just heard was that a 6-year old Russian girl stabbed an 18-year old South Korean teenage boy in the neck and stomach. That's just disgusting!"

Anna: "I have a gun, and I'm not afraid to use it!"

[Anna takes a gun out of her nightstand drawer]

Anna: "Get out, or I'll shoot your brains out!"

Ji Woong: "She found that gun somewhere, possibly in the attic."

[cut to: the living room]

Jo: "Ji Woong, I have seen you and your twin sister on YouTube. I must say, you must be famous by now."

Ji Woong: "Making comedy videos is my favorite hobby, and it's what I live for."

Ji Min: It is what we live for

Observation continuesEdit

[Anna hits Ji kwong]

[Ji kwong cries]



Ji min: "She did not do anything!"

Anna: "Yes she did she broke my Monster High doll!"

Ji min: "She's only little and you're the big-------"


Ji min: "SHE ONLY LIVED FOR (Covers Ji kwong's ears) A FUCKING FORTNIGHT!"

[Ji min and Anna's arguing lasts 6 hours]

[In Tariko's room she is having a tea party with her Pokemon Plushies]

Tariko: "Huh?"

[Tariko clutches her Azelf plush in fright]

Tariko: "I heard my sister's fighting throughout the corridor when i was playing tea party with my pokemon plush."

Jo: "I cannot believe what I just heard. A 6-year old Russian girl and a 18-year old South Korean woman fighting over a 2-week old South Korean girl which is Ji min's daughter.

[Anna gathers her things and takes them to her room]

Anna: "I am going to fucking shake you if you ever touch my things again, got it?"

Jo: "Anna, you do not shake her that is not nice."

The Thought BoxEdit

Jo: "For the Twins and Tariko i made a Thought box for them for their parents."

Jo: "Look Tariko, Ji min, and Ji woong, it's your very own Thought Box."

Jo: "I even provided a Thought Box for Anna."

Jo: "Anna, you get your own Thought Box, too."

Anna: "A thought box? What good will that do?"

Jo: "You'll see."

Kirochu Family IssuesEdit

Orla:"Anna we need you to finish your cauliflower."

Ji woong: "Mom, I have a carrot allergy!"

Orla: "Sorry, dear."

[Orla throws the carrots out]


Orla: "Anna, I do not want that language for Ji kwong to hear!"

Ji woong: "The only foods that Anna likes are Hot dogs, Candy, Birthday Cake, Wedding Cake, Chicken nuggets, Ice cream, Cheese Pancakes, Cookies, Pizza, Hamburgers and Chocolate I mean i hate all these foods because i just want to be healthy but i like chocolate ice cream and Patbingsu and Chinese food."

Ji min: "The foods Anna dislike are Avacadoes, Peas, Tomatoes, Cauliflower, Patbingsu, Chinese food, and Milk i mean i hate all these except the Milk and Patbingsu."

Anna: "Mummy, you're a fuckface!"

[Anna shows Orla her fist closed with her middle finger extended]

Jo: "I cannot believe that a 6-year old just called her mother a bad word and flipped her off. That's just disgusting!"

[Orla spanks Anna with her hand]

Orla: "NO! You do not do that!"



Tariko: "Firmly"



Anna: "NO!!!!!!!!" [Anna hits Orla on the leg with her hand]

Evening CompanyEdit

Jo: "Later on, James' fellow co-worker came over along with his family for dinner. They had a little boy, who was about Anna's age."

James: "Conrad, how are you doing?"

Conrad: "I'm doing fine, thank you."

James: "Anna, I'd like you to meet my co-worker's son, Andrew. He is the same age as you."

[Anna is holding an Angry Birds Stella plushie]

Anna: "Just a minute, daddy."

[Anna puts her Barbie, Disney Princess, Monster High dolls and play sets away in her bedroom closet and locks them in her trunk. Then she comes downstairs]

[James provides a coloring table for Andrew and Anna with coloring pages and crayons]

[Anna and Andrew are coloring their pages]

James: "Conrad is a very close friend of mine. We've met when we were in college. We studied engineering and marketing together."

Anna: "I usually don't like to play with boys."

[Anna colors on Andrew's page]

Andrew: "Hey, what are you doing?!"

Anna: "You're coloring it all wrong, so I'm gonna teach you how to color the right way."

Andrew: "OK."

[Orla provides toys for Anna and Andrew to play with]

Parent MeetingEdit

James: "As I work 6 days a week, I come home on a Sunday."

Orla: "Yeah. Okay, I will tell you."

[Orla hands Jo a list of the schools Anna has been expelled from]

  1. Kings Primary School for using profanity and dumping poop whilst making graffiti on the school parking lot.
  2. Little Princess school for trying to kill her teacher by putting rat poison in his coffee.
  3. Petersburg primary for stealing pudsey bear plushies that were raffle prizes in a school carnival
  4. St. John's Primary for flashing out her private parts to her classmates and committing sexual misconduct on a young boy
  5. St. James catholic school for making a 16-17 year old class watch disgusting videos and Ji min was there at the time when she was 17
  6. St. Mary's primary for replacing money with cherry bombs on the collection plate
  7. St. Carius primary for shoplifting 18 £6 pudsey bear plushies on a shopping trip to ASDA
  8. St. Peter's primary for saying The F word in front of the nursery and attacking the staff
  9. Farland school for Girls for peeing on the school work and blowing up the school library with a pipe bomb
  10. St. Carl's for bullying 5 of her classmates because all 5 of those classmates won a pudsey bear in the school children in need carnival raffle and she didn't

Jo: "That behavior's got to stop."

Orla: "I know, we're starting to run out of schools that she is not expelled from. Anna currently attends Pudsey Primrose Primary school now,"

Jo: "Let's talk about the language. I mean, where on Earth does she hear such words like that?"

Orla: "Um...I believe that she learned that language from Ji Woong's classmates."

Jo: "Have you taught her that that kind of language is inappropriate?"

Orla: "I did not; I barely said any bad words. Also, when she was caught shoplifting at Asda, she was arrested and handcuffed by a police officer and she was taken to jail. Because shoplifting was a crime, Anna had to leave the school program, indefinitely."

Jo: "Anna would go to jail."

House RulesEdit

Jo: "Okay, I am going to introduce some house rules."

[Anna yawns]

Jo: "No bullying."

Anna: "If you ask me, I think rules are stupid."

Jo: "No shoplifting from stores."

Anna: "That's not fair."

Jo: "No stealing from collection plates in school; as a matter of fact, no stealing, period."

Jo: "No hurting others."

Jo: "No urinating anywhere but the toilet because pee and poo belong in the loo."

Jo: "No swearing."

Anna: "Worst rules ever."

Jo: "You must eat your vegetables."

[Anna yawns]

Jo: "Forgive others as you would want to be forgiven."

[Anna covers her ears saying la la la la]

Anna: "I can't hear you."

Jo: "Anna, stop it."

Orla: "Anna, do not interrupt Jo."

Anna: "NO!"

[Anna snatches the pen from Jo and vandalizes the couch and writes naughty words down]

Orla: "Anna you do not vandalize the couch and the floor."

[Jo points at a couch]

Jo: "That is the naughty couch."

[Orla picks up Anna and puts her on the Naughty Couch]

Orla: "Plus, your Bugs Bunny is in toy jail!"


[Orla puts Anna's Bugs Bunny plush toy in the toy time out box]

Jo: "You stay there until it is okay to get up, do you understand?"

Anna: "Drop dead!"

Orla: "Anna, you do not say that in front of us."

Anna: "Go to fucking hell!"

Orla: "YOU DO NOT SWEAR ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Naughty Couch TechniqueEdit

Jo: "When Orla went to a parent-Teachers Conference

Tariko: "Mom, mind if I get some apple juice?"

Orla: "Okay sure. I am going to Ji woong's school for a parent-teacher conference about why he writes his name in Korean Plus Ji min is the one will look after you and I warn you about Anna she will harm you and here take this wand it is part of your destiny"

[Orla gives Tariko the Apple juice along with the wand and Tariko goes in her room]

Tariko: "さようなら" (Translation: Bye)

Orla: "あなたを参照してください、親愛なる。" (Translation: See you, dear)

[Orla walks out the door with Ji woong]

[Tariko puts sixteen Pokemon plush dolls on sixteen chairs]

Tariko: "Today we are going to play Tea Party"

Anna: [Peeking from the door at a distance away from Tariko and whispering] "I will take one of those off her but it will take me 100,000 years."

[Anna hides behind one of the pokemon plushies]

[Tariko is having a tea party with her plush dolls, Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie, Pikachu, Plusle, Minun, Mew, Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Eevee, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, Glaceon and Raichu but fails to notice Anna.]

Tariko: "Would you please excuse me, I'll be right back."

[Tariko leaves the table]

[A hand reaches out and grabs Azelf from its chair]

Anna: "Heheheh, she would not know I took her Azelf."

[Anna runs back to her room]

[Tariko returns with a teapot and some fruit juice]

Tariko: "Would you like some Fruit------Wait, where is Azelf?"

Jo: "It wasn't long before Anna stole Tariko's Azelf plush toy."

Tariko: "Anna, can I have my Azelf plush back please?"

Anna: "No!"

Tariko: "JI MIN!"

Ji min: "What, what is it?"


Ji min: "Anna, give it to her."

Anna: "No!"

[Anna tears off the Azelf plush doll's head and throws it down the stairs Tariko stares in horror]

Jo: "And then she beheaded the plush doll.

Ji min: "Anna why did you do that to her? that was so mean of you!"

Anna: [scoffs] "You know she has over 700 Pokemon plushies, she can play with her other 699 plushies!"



Tariko: "Anna destroyed my favorite toy!"

Ji min: "You know what? You just gave yourself a trip to the Naughty Couch, young lady!"

[Ji min disarms Anna then gives the decapitated Azelf plush doll back to Tariko then drags Anna to the naughty couch]

Ji min: "Plus your Peppa Pig doll is in toy jail."


[Ji min puts the Peppa Pig doll in the toy time-out box]


[Tariko starts to cry]

[Ji min places Anna onto the Naughty Couch]

Ji min: "You do not destroy your sister's property."

[Tariko sobs]

Tariko: "Anna killed my Azelf!"

Ji min: "Give it here, I can save Azelf! Let me perform a little surgery."

Tariko: "I just got that Azelf plush for Christmas alongside with my Mesprit and Uxie plush doll but my sister broke my Azelf; I loved that one."

[Ji min takes the decapitated Azelf doll into a room with a sign that reads, "Keep Out, Surgery in Progress"]

[Jo Frost comforts the crying Tariko]

Jo: "Calm down, Tariko, Anna is in time-out now Ji Min placed her there, and your Big sister is going to perform a little surgery to try to save Azelf."

[Ji min is in a room, sewing the Azelf's head back on its body]

Ji min: "And we are good. Surgery complete."

[Ji min steps out of the room with the repaired Azelf plush and goes to Tariko]

Ji min: "Tariko?"

Tariko: "Yes, Ji min?"

Ji min: "The surgery was a complete success, your Azelf is now recovering."

Jo: "[Firm voice] I do not find funny that you think it is okay to behead your sister's Azelf plush It is unacceptable behavior now sit on that Naughty Couch for 6 minutes now she is crying because you made her upset!"

[Anna escapes the Naughty Couch and rides her Mongoose Lake Girls' bike]

Ji min: "Anna, come back inside!"

Anna: "So long, suckers! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"


Jo: "I was like, 'eBay?!'"

Jo: "What do you mean, sell your sister's dolls on eBay?"

Ji min: "I do this at times if Anna Misbehaves. Besides, she threatened Tariko that she would sell Her Mespirit Plush on eBay And she did while Tariko was at school and was grounded for 4 months she was banned from playing with Her Monster High, Barbie and Disney Princess Dolls for 10 whole weeks It took us 3 weeks for it to arrive back here but when sold Tariko's Mespirit Plush it was an illegal sale and she got arrested for fraud and she also threatened to kill Tariko."

Jo: "How is that going to teach her to behave?"

[Anna grumbles as she comes over to Ji min's direction]

Ji min: "Thank you. Now let's go back to the Naughty Couch."

Anna: "I don't wanna go----[cries]"

Ji min: "Yes, you do."

[Ji min puts Anna on the Naughty Couch]

Anna: "You are such a stupid animal, Ji min!"

Ji min: "If you keep this up, I will double your time to 12 minutes."

[Ji min calmly walks away without a word]

[6 minutes later]

Ji min: "Anna, the reason I placed you here is because you destroyed your sister's property. I need you to apologize to her."

Anna: "Sorry, Tariko."

[Anna hugs Tariko]

Jo: "But Tariko's reaction was not what i had in mind"

[Tariko pushes Anna away from her and becomes angry]

Tariko: "I don't forgive you, why should I?"

[Tariko goes in her room back to playing Tea party with her plush]

Anna: "Ji min, Tariko pushed me away! AND TARIKO I STILL HATE YOU EVEN MORE!"

Tariko: [Coming from her room] I don't care! I hate you too!"

Ji min: "Jo, I forgot to mention that Tariko and Anna hate each other and wish each other dead."

Jo: "Why?"

Ji min: "It was a year ago after Tariko turned 10. Anna put a cherry bomb on her birthday cake and it exploded all over her and her friends."

Anna: "I wish you were dead, Tariko!"

Tariko: "Just shut up, Anna."

Anna: "You shut up, you filthy Japanese bastard!"

[Anna pushes Tariko down the stairs she lays down injured and calls for Jo]

Tariko: "RACIST!"

[Anna and Tariko start attacking each other and pulling each other's hair and hitting each other with toys Tariko is using a Uxie plush while Anna uses her Clawdeen Wolf Tariko recovers and uses the force to summon her lightsaber and duels with Anna]


[Orla comes home with Ji woong]

Anna: "Is not!"

Tariko: Is too!

[The two continue their duel]

Jo: "Tariko has forgotten the new rule: Forgive others as you want to be forgiven."

Tariko: "I did listen to the rule but I still didn't like Anna."



Jo: "The Naughty Couch is only suitable for Anna, not Tariko."

Orla: "Why does my 6-year old like this stupid Monster High, why does she like this dumb old stuff?!"


[Orla puts Anna on the Naughty Couch and turns to Tariko who turns her lightsaber off]

Orla: "And you Tariko, I am not mad at you. Just stay in your room and calm down for a few minutes, okay dear? And have a nice tea party with your plushies it is like a Calm-Down Zone except [Sing-songly] with Pokemon plushies."

Tariko: "Okay Mom."

[Tariko goes to her room to continue her tea party]

Tariko: "It's okay Azelf, I love you now lets continue our tea party!"

Anna: "Mph!"


Anna: I like Monster High because it's better than stupid, dumb old Pokemon invented by Japanese roaches."

Tariko: "I like Pokemon because it is better than stupid, dumb old Monster High invented by a bunch of dorks. I'd rather watch the Cursed Ring Tape rather than watch Anna brag that Pokemon sucks, she thinks Monster High is better but it's not it never was I am a force user."

6 minutes later

Orla: "I would like an apology for your behavior Anna."

Anna: (sarcastically) "I'm sorry!"

Announcer: "Coming up..."


Naughty Couch (Part 2)Edit

Orla: "I would like an apology for you behavior Anna."

Anna: (sarcastically) "I'm sorry!"

Orla: "Say it like you mean it."


Orla: "If you are not going to apologize to me, your timeout starts over."

Anna: (mumbles) "I hate this family..."

Orla: "You get 12 minutes in timeout for saying that."

Tariko (voice over): No, I can handle her Orla she resists you I recovered after my sister pushed me down the stairs


Snack Jar TechniqueEdit

Jo: "Orla found Anna's stash of junk food in her room under her bed, including snack cakes, cupcakes, chocolate-coated marshmallow treats, cookies, cans of soda, cola whips, cola fizz wizz popping candy, teacakes, Lunchables, shortbreads, cola bottles, cherry cola bottles, Happy cherries, cherry mega sours, Baby Ruth bars, Nestle Buttlefinger bars, potato chips, chocolate bars, pork rinds, doughnuts, muffins and all sorts of rubbish."

Orla: Anna, help Mommy and JoJo clean up the snacks. We will put them in the snack jar.




Jo: "Later on that day, it was playtime in the den, then Anna started hitting her niece Ji kwong While Ji min was breastfeeding Ji kwong."

[Ji kwong cries]

Ji min: "Anna, please do not to that to little Ji kwong; be nice around your niece, she's only a baby."

Anna: "No she's not, she's a big girl."

Ji min: "No, you're the big girl, Ji kwong's a baby."

[Anna hits Ji kwong again and Ji min grabs her Draculaura doll]

Anna: "Give me back my Draculaura!"

Ji min: "Hey, this is your warning."

Anna: "But she took my Draculaura doll."

Jo: "Put her on the Naughty couch."

[Ji min puts Anna on the Naughty Couch]

Ji min: "Anna Yaki Kirochu, you do not hit baby Ji kwong because that behavior is not acceptable, do you understand? Now stay there for 6 minutes. Plus, your Draculaura doll's going in toy jail."

[Ji Min confiscates Anna's Draculaura doll and places it into the toy time-out box]

6 minutes later

Ji min: "Anna, I placed you here for time out because you were hitting Ji kwong. Now say you're sorry to Ji kwong."

Anna: "Sorry, Ji kwong."

[Anna hugs Ji kwong]

Ji min: "She's OK Anna."

Playing a Nice Quiet Board GameEdit

Jo: "That evening, the family was playing a nice quiet board game called Frustration (British version of Trouble) after dinner."

Orla: "Anna, your turn."

[Anna presses down on the Pop-O-Matic and the die rolls and shows a 4 face up, but she moves her peg all the way around the board instead of 4]

Tariko: "Hey, Anna! You cheated!"

Anna: "Did not!"

Tariko: "Did too!"

Orla: "Let's stop the arguing for a while. Anna, if your die says 4 face up, you need to move 4 spaces, not the entire way around the board Tariko knew that you cheated."

Anna: "Okay."

[Anna moves 4 spaces]

Orla: "That's better."

Anna: "Thanks."

At AsdaEdit

Orla: "They're are no pokemon plushies since they've all sold out. Would you like a large Pudsey Bear instead it is the last one in stock."

[Tariko hugs the pudsey bear]

Tariko: "Yes mom Pudsey looks awesome too bad they don't celebrate Children in need in Japan but they celebrate more fun celebrations. It's so cute!"

Jo: "Later on that afternoon, Orla went to Asda to do some shopping to buy Tariko's birthday present, Anna started to play up again; she shoplifted some Yu-Gi-Oh cards."

Orla: "Anna, put those back! I swear to god!"

Tariko: Stop you are shoplifting

[Anna reluctantly puts them back while giving her mother a dirty look but puts some in her Coat pocket while Tariko watches]

Orla: "Then, when I got a Pudsey Bear for Tariko, Anna started acting up again because she wanted one too."

Anna: "Mommy can I please have a Pudsey Bear?"

Orla: "No, no, I got enough for 1 Pudsey only for Tariko; I don't have enough to buy two plus your birthday will be next year because you just turned 6 a few weeks ago."


Orla: "Anna, stop it right now."

[Anna runs off]

Anna: "Na-na boo-boo!"

[Anna goes to the vegetable aisle and comes back with carrots]

Ji woong: "Holy S@#t!"

[Anna then goes to the cashier]

Orla: "Anna!"

Anna: "What?!"

Orla: "You do not spend money on food that your brother has an allergy from he could die."

Tariko: Give it over you no good thief and don't my brother will die!

[Orla goes to the cashier]

Orla: "My 6-year old daughter did this, I do not want her to buy them because my only son is allergic."

Cashier: "Okay."

[The Cashier puts the carrots back and Orla gets her money back]


[Anna takes her clothes off and runs off naked]

[Ji woong catches her]

Ji woong: "Anna, stop it! put your clothes back on!"

Anna: "Let me go, you animal!"

[Anna kicks Ji Woong in the testicles causing him to fall over while Ji min helps him up and kicks Tariko in her vagina causing her to fall over]

Ji woong: (Angrily) "Anna, you fucking little diva!"

Ji min: "Ji woong, just calm down."

[Ji woong calms down]

[Ji woong gets up]

Ji woong: "Mom, help me please!"

[Orla catches Anna]

Orla: "ANNA YAKI KIROCHU! Your behavior was embarrassing and disruptive! From now on you are going in a trolley when we go to stores next time!"

Security: "Excuse me, sweetheart. Please open your coat and step inside the store."

[Anna reluctantly opens her coat, and reveals that she had stolen some Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards]

[Orla got home and made sure that Anna and Tariko were separated forever]

[Tariko lays on her bed in pain she starts to cry]

Jo: "Anna was officially banned from the store for life. As soon as they got home, Orla put Anna on the Naughty Couch."

Orla: "You are on this Naughty Couch because you kicked your brother and sister in the private area you wandered off, and you paid food he has an allergy from. Now stay there for 12 minutes! Plus your Snow White is in toy jail!"

Anna: "I hate you and I wish you were dead!"

[Orla confiscates Anna's Snow White doll]

12 minutes later

Orla: "You were on here because you kicked your brother and sister in the private area, and brought food that Ji woong was allergic to and you wandered off. Now I want you to say sorry."

Anna: "Sorry, mummy."

Orla: "Say sorry to Ji woong and Tariko."

Anna: "Sorry Ji woong and Tariko."

Ji woong: "That's okay."

[Anna hugs Ji woong]

Ji woong: "We really love you, Anna."

Anna: "I love you too Ji woong."

Tariko: "It's fine"

Tariko's 11th Birthday PartyEdit

Jo: "The next day was Tariko's 11th birthday party, and she was having a Pokemon-themed party at a local roller skating rink. Her best friend Amanda who was 1 year younger who also likes Pokemon came to play she did not know that Tariko was Japanese."

Amanda: "Happy birthday Tariko Happy Birthday to you!!"

Tariko: "Thanks!"

Amanda: "All your classmates are here!"

Tariko: "I refuse to invite Anna to my party because she ruined my 10th birthday by putting cherry bombs on the cake."

Amanda: "Yeah she ruins everything!"

Tariko: "Plus my mum fixed my Azelf plush after that no-good Anna beheaded it."

[Orla comes in with a Pokemon chocolate cake that says in Japanese Happy birthday Tariko with 11 candles]

Amanda: "Um, what does that mean?"

Orla: "It means Happy Birthday Tariko in Japanese we adopted her from Japan; she is well-behaved."

Amanda: "I went to Japan once and I got you this."

Tariko: "What is it?"

Amanda: "I got you an Eevee plush."

Tariko: "THANK YOU!" [Hugs the Eevee]

Amanda: [Smiles] "I'm so glad you like it."

Jo: "And then 5 minutes later, a clown showed up unexpectedly but the twin teens and mom and dad didn't book it."

Clown: "Happy Birthday, Tariko! I'm Wacky the Clown!"

[Wacky the Clown honks a horn and giggles merrily]

[Tariko screams in fear]

Tariko: "ああ!イッツピエロは私を殺すつもり!" (Translation: AH! A CLOWN IT'S GONNA KILL ME!)

Wacky the Clown: "Don't run away. I won't hurt you."


James and Orla: "You're right we didn't!"

Tariko: "Then find out"

[Tariko and her friends run away from Wacky the clown]

[Tariko hides behind James and Orla]

James: "Who the heck booked you?"

Wacky the Clown: "Um your 6-year old girl, I think."



James: "Anna, what do you have to say for yourself now?"

Anna: "I'm very was only a joke..."

Orla: "Which was not very funny. Now you have doubled your chores for a week."

Anna: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The Baby LogEdit

Jo: "I made a baby log for the twins For Ji Kwong's bedtime naptime and feeding time."

Jo: "This will make you know about Ji kwong's Feeding time naptime and bedtime."

Ji min: "Okay."

Ji woong: "Cool."

[Jo gives them the baby log]

Ji min: "So where do I start?"

Vandal DisposalEdit

Anna: (recording a sound via Tariko's New Nintendo 3DS) "I am a filthy Japanese cockroach who loves Pokemon S@#t! I love to smash Anna's stuff. I hate daddy, Ji woong, Ji min, Jo-Jo, Ji Kwong and mummy, too! Russians are disgusting people!"

Jo: "My word...Anna recorded a terrible sound on Tariko's 3DS?"

Tariko: "Not Again! I am going to be in trouble"

[Tariko erases the recorded sound]

Jo: "That's better, Tariko. Much better. And as for you, Anna, since you behaved unacceptably and recorded an inappropriate sound on her 3DS, you will go sit on the Naughty Couch."

Anna: "NO I'M NOT!!!"

Jo: "Yes, you are!"

Orla: "Let's go! Naughty Couch, now!"

[Anna punches Orla in the nose, causing it to bleed]

Orla: "That hurt!"

Anna: "Я нихера не волнует!" (Translation: "I DON'T' FUCKING CARE!!!)

[Orla carries Anna over to the Naughty Couch]

Ora: "You are in the Naughty Couch for recording an inappropriate sound on Tariko's New 3DS. Like I said for 6 minutes. Do not get up."


Orla: "You do not say that Anna."

Mommy and MeEdit

Jo: "James was away for his job; Ji Min and Ji Woong were taking little Ji Kwong out for a walk at that time. I brought in a box filled with interactive games. The Mommy and Me technique is very important because I'm going to teach Orla how to play with her children, how to re-connect with her children and enjoy spending time with her children."

Jo: "Orla, Tariko, Anna. This is a very special box."

Tariko: "What's so special about that?"

Jo: "I'm so glad you asked. It's a 'Mommy and Me' box, because what this box will have in it with things that you can do with mommy."

Anna: "Like what?"

[Jo pulls out one of the interactive games]

Jo: "Also, children must be allowed to breathe, be kids and get really mucky and messy and have sticky fingers and enjoy themselves."

[Orla, Tariko and Anna are now at the kitchen, covering the table with newspaper]

[Orla provides Anna and Tariko some clay to make some sculptures]

Orla: "Ready to make something? How about a snake or a giraffe? Let's roll the clay like this."

Jo: "Tariko has made a clay Pikachu, but Anna destroyed it."

[Anna smashes Tariko's clay Pikachu by throwing it on the floor]

[Tariko sobs]

Orla: "What happened?"

Tariko: (sobbing) "My Pikachu's ruined. I worked very hard on it! Anna destroyed it!"

[Anna laughs]

Anna: (mumbles) "It was an ugly Pikachu anyway."

Orla: "Anna, OK. You need to sit in timeout on the Naughty Couch."

Anna: "NO WAY, IDIOT!"

[Anna runs out the front door]

Jo: "Tell that little girl of yours to return to the house otherwise she'll lose TV time for the week."

Orla: "Anna Kirochu! You must return to the house and sit on the Naughty Couch otherwise you will lose your TV time for one week. Is that clear?!?"

[Anna discards her clothes and runs off into the street naked]

[Anna and her friends start TP'ing some houses and then return to the house by the window when finished]

[Anna hears Orla coming down the halls, and quickly retreats to the Naughty Couch, still naked]

Orla: "You're going to the Naughty Couch Anna for running on the street naked."

[Tariko holds Anna at bay with her lightsaber ignited]

Tariko: Goodbye, there is no forgiveness

White Sheets and the Pokemon and Monster High Reward ChartEdit

Jo: "Today I'm going to introduce you the White Sheets technique. These White Sheets tell Anna that whichever object or area is marked with the white sheet, that means its not touchable."

Orla: "You hear that, Anna. When you see the White Sheet, it means, just for you, not touchable. No touch, no use and no go. Otherwise, you will be sent to the Naughty Couch."

Jo: "Also, I'm introducing..."

[Jo pulls out a chart]

Jo: (singsongly) "Ta-da! Reward Chart a Pokemon reward chart for Tariko and a Monster High reward chart for Anna!"

Anna: "A reward chart?"

Tariko: "Wow..."

Jo: "This Poke-ball and this Monster high skull logo has your picture on it, girls. When you do a good deed but Tariko you're the only one that does the good deed, you get to move up one space on the Pokemon and Monster High Reward Chart, and when you finally reach the 15th Skull and Poke-ball, you will get to do the thing that you want to do or get to have what you want. Does that sound good?"

Orla: "Girls, what is the reward that you want to have when you earn all 15 Poke-balls and Skulls for doing good deeds?"

Tariko: "Ice skating with my friends and sleepovers!"

Anna: "A Pudsey bear!"

[Orla ties a White Sheet around Tariko's bedroom door knob]

[Orla drapes a White Sheet on top of Tariko's Pokemon plush toy collection]

[Orla ties a white sheet around a door knob to the garage]

[Tariko wraps her 3DS with a White Sheet]

Anna: "That's cool."

Tariko: "Anna might be redeemed."

Jo: "If that is possible Tariko"

DVD MeetingEdit

Jo: "I went away for a few days, and had a meeting with mom and dad."

Jo: "So let's see what you did when i was away."

Orla: "Okay."

[Jo puts the DVD in]

Anna: "[On screen] Fuck you!"

Ji woong:"Anna!"

Ji min: "Stop it!"

Anna: "SHUT UP!"

[Anna throws a Rapunzel doll at Ji woong]

Ji woong: "Anna..."

[Ji Woong avoids getting hit by the doll]

Jo: "Oh, dear."

James: "I know..."

Orla: [On Screen] "Your Rapunzel's in toy jail."

[Orla confiscates Anna's Rapunzel doll]

Anna: "Aw, man! For how long?"

Orla: "For the rest of the afternoon. You can have is back tonight if you can behave yourself."

[Anna pulls the White Sheets off Tariko casts the disarming charm]

[Jo stops the DVD]

Jo: "It was fair that you confiscated Anna's Rapunzel doll for the rest of the afternoon when she misbehaved. Let's move on to the next clip."

Anna: "I hate family breakfasts."

Anna: "I know how to undo the seatbelt."

Orla: "Do not unbuckle your seatbelt Anna we're in the car."

Anna's Epic TantrumEdit

Jo: "Then Anna started playing up again."

Anna: "Mummy, can I have fries and hot dogs for dinner?"

Orla: "No, not tonight. You are having chicken stew."


Orla: "Quiet down! Ji kwong's asleep!"


Orla: "Because they have good behaviors unlike you."

Anna: [Screams so loud on top of her lungs]

[Ji kwong cries]

Orla: "Ugh! Anna, you are going to the Naughty Couch!!"

[Orla puts Anna on the Naughty Couch]

Orla: [Firm voice] "You are on the Naughty Couch for waking Ji kwong up by throwing a tantrum now stay there for 24 minutes. I am not having this behavior!"

[Orla tries to go upstairs to comfort Ji Kwong but Anna screams, so Tariko goes upstairs instead]

Tariko: "It's okay. Now Tariko's here."

[Anna pees on the Naughty Couch]

[Ji kwong quiets down]

[24 minutes later]

Orla: "Apologize to me."


[Anna hits her mother]

[Jo comes down to Anna's level with Tariko at her side]

Jo: "Anna, that behavior was unacceptable. You need to apologize to your mother for how you acted and Tariko I believe you have done well and that a new regime shall rise."

Anna: (sarcastically) "Sorry!"

Orla: "Anna, you need to say it more heartfelt."


Orla: "Say it like you mean it."


Orla: "All right, when you are ready for a more sincere apology to the family, you can come downstairs."

Anna: "NO!"

Dining OutEdit

Jo: "The next evening, the family went out to eat dinner at a sit-down restaurant. We also learned that Ji Woong wasn't the only person who had a food allergy, Anna had one too. She was allergic to shellfish."

[The Kirochus are seated at a table]

Anna: "I hope they don't have stew."

Orla: "Anna,"

Anna: "Or shellfish, 'cause I'm allergic to shellfish. It gives me the hives or nasal congestion, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, wheezing and a runny nose. Shellfish makes my tongue, face and lips puff up like a balloon, I don't wanna blame Tariko, I wanna blame----."


Tariko: Sorry about the yelling

[Tariko turns around]

Tariko: "I hope they don't have corn, 'cause I'm allergic, It gives me hives, runny nose, vomiting, slurring, and diarrhea."

James: "Girls, let's all try to enjoy a nice family meal together, shall we? That is what we're here for."

Anna and Tariko: "Okay, Dad."

Orla: "We'll ask the waiter for something that you can eat. Is that okay with you?"

Anna: "Fine."

[A waiter comes around]

Waiter: "Good evening folks, I am Stephen. I will be your waiter tonight."

Anna: "I would like french fries for dinner."

Stephen: "I am afraid we are all out, dear."

Anna: "All right, then. I will have a hot dog with macaroni & cheese and applesauce."

Stephen: "OK"

Jo: Meanwhile something amazing happened when Morgan Cloud entered Tariko performed Be Our Guest along with the patrons

Tariko: Now everyone Lights!

[The lights are turned off and Tariko stands in the spotlight in front of Morgan Cloud]

Tariko: "Ma chere Mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride  And greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair  As the dining room proudly presents (organ plays) Your dinner!"


Be our guest, be our guest Put our service to the test Tie your napkin 'round your neck, cherie And we'll provide the rest Soup du jour, hot hors d'oeuvres Why, we only live to serve Try the grey stuff, it's delicious Don't believe me, ask the dishes

(Tariko spins and the dishes raise themselves in the air)

They can sing, they can dance After all, miss, this is France And a dinner here is never second best Go on, unfold your menu Take a glance and then you'll Be our guest oui, our guest Be our guest

(Tariko spins again and 3 food carts appear from the kitchen)

Beef ragout, cheese soufflé Pie and pudding, on flambé We'll prepare and serve with flair A culinary cabaret You're alone and you're scared But the banquet's all prepared No one's gloomy or complaining While the flatware's entertaining We tell jokes, I do tricks With my fellow candlesticks

(Tariko jumps on a table and onto a chandelier which spins)

Customers: And it's all in perfect taste that you can bet

(Tariko falls off but Stephen helps her up)

Tariko: Come on and lift your glass You've won your own free pass To be our guest (A pink disco ball appears) If you're stressed It's fine dining we suggest

Male chorus: Be our guest, be our guest, be our guest

(all falls silent and the restaurant is empty only Tariko and Stephen are the only ones there)

Tariko: Life is so unnerving For a servant who's not serving He's not whole without a soul to wait upon Ah, those good old days when we were useful (hey Stephen) Suddenly those good old days are gone Too long we've been rusting Needing so much more than dusting Needing exercise, a chance to use our skills! Most days we just lay around the castle Flabby, fat and lazy You walked in and oops-a-daisy!

(The people return Ji Min is in the kitchen)

Ji Min: It's a guest, it's a guest Sake's alive, well I'll be blessed! Wine's been poured and thank the Lord I've had the napkins freshly pressed With dessert, she'll want tea And my dear that's fine with me While the cups do their soft-shoein' I'll be bubbling, I'll be brewing


I'll get warm, piping hot Heaven's sakes! Is that a spot? Clean it up, we want the company impressed We've got a lot to do! Is it one lump or two? For you, our guest (Customers: she's our guest) She's our guest (Customers: she's our guest)

(The whole restaurant transforms to a circus type stage along with dancing ducks on the water)


Be our guest, be our guest! Our command is your request It's been years since we've had anybody here And we're obsessed With your meal, with your ease Yes, indeed, we aim to please While the candlelight's still glowing Let us help you, we'll keep going

Course by course, one by one 'Til you shout, "enough I'm done!" Then we'll sing you off to sleep as you digest Tonight you'll prop your feet up But for now, let's eat up Be our guest Be our guest Be our guest Please, be our guest

(music ends)

Meeting Tariko's friendsEdit

Jo: "In Tariko's room, I found three other girls around her age having sushi and fruit and playing with their plush dolls and playing Pokemon on their 3DS systems they have and Anna started playing up again"


Tariko: "You can't come in."

Helen [Blonde haired girl]: "Club rules: No monster high fans or racists allowed!"

Lisa: [Jet black haired girl] "And that means you!"

Amanda [Mousy Browned haired girl]: "Move along, please or get lost Anna actually go play with your friends."

[Tariko gets out of her chair and shuts the door and locks it]

Amanda: "Tari?"

Tariko: "Yes Amanda?"

Amanda: "Where do you hide the key?"

Tariko: [Whispers] "In a Pikachu bag. It is hidden somewhere inside a closet The code is Pokemon is awesome Monster High drools."

Amanda: "Okay"

Jo: "Excuse me Tariko can i come in?"

Tariko: "Okay Jo-Jo" [Unlocks the door]

Jo: "How are you girls doing now?"

Tariko: "We're fine and my Mom and dad forgot that i have 3 friends sweet as myself we won't let Anna join the club or doing the same group activities that me and my friends are doing we won't allow her in my room. They also destroy Monster High stuff because it is really babyish!"


Jo: "All right, now I am going to leave you girls in peace."

Tariko: "See you later on, Jo-Jo."

[Anna storms into Tariko's room and smacks Amanda in the face, kicks Helen's shin, pulls Lisa's hair and hits Tariko They intercept it and start attacking her]


[Tariko pushes Anna out of her room]

Tariko "Are you guys okay?"

Amanda, Helen and Lisa: "We're okay. We're sorry to say this, but you sister is a poor excuse for a Monster High loving dork and not to mention a Japanese-hating racist but we are having a sleepover are we!"

Tariko: "Yeah we are!"

Amanda: "So what do you wanna now?"

Tariko: "Let's play with our dolls."

Lisa: "Yeah!"

Tariko: "I want mom and dad to kick Anna out of the family. She claims to be allergic to shellfish and she blames my country for her food allergy."

Anna's FriendsEdit

Jo: "A little while later, I found Anna in her private treehouse in the backyard along with a few girls about her age. It turned out that these girls were Anna's friends."

[Anna's treehouse has a sign that reads "NO POKEMON FANS ALLOWED" and another that reads "NO JAPANESE PEOPLE ALLOWED" and another that reads "NO SOUTH KOREAN PEOPLE ALLOWED" and another that reads "NO MONSTER HIGH HATERS ALLOWED" and another that reads "GO AWAY" and another that reads "NO FUCK HEADS ALLOWED" and another that reads "NONE OF TARIKO'S FRIENDS ALLOWED" and another that reads "IF YOU ARE IN THE FOLLOWING GROUPS, FUCK YOU" and another that reads "FRIENDS OF THE OWNER ONLY"]

Marie-Anne (One of Anna's friends): "I really do not want to hurt my sister Helen. It is wrong."

[Anna's friends throw large rocks at Tariko, Helen, Amanda and Lisa But Lisa formed hand to hand battle like throwing the rocks back at them]

Anna: "That's right! You better start running, you stupid Pokemon-loving wusses!"

[Anna throws a urine-filled balloon at Tariko, but Tariko deflects it and throws it back]

Tariko: "You are being racist!"

Anna: "I hate Asians!"

[Anna aims Ji Woong's paint ball gun at them]

Anna: "This time, I won't miss!"

[Anna pulls the trigger and hits Tariko in the back of the beg]

[Anna splashes a can of yellow paint all over Tariko]

Tariko: "You're Asian as well. MOM!!"

Orla: "Yes?

Tariko: "Anna has racist signs on her treehouse. She also said she hated Asians. But she is from Asia too, you know."

Anna: "I'm from Russia, genius."

Orla: [Sees the signs on the treehouse] "You know what? You have just got a trip to the naughty couch!"


[Orla puts Anna on the Naughty Couch Tariko heals]

Tariko: "She also forced Ji woong to urinate in the balloons."

Orla: "Okay, Anna you just got 50 minutes. Is that long for you?"

Anna: "No!"

Orla: "Make it 55 minutes! Are we through?"

Anna: "No!"

Orla: "Okay this is the longest time ever 1 hour which is 60 minutes. Are we through?"

Anna: "NO!"

Orla: "It will keep increasing. Now stay there for 65 minutes. In addition, you're moving down one space on the Monster High Reward Chart! Is it long enough for you?"

Anna: "Нет!" (Translated to: No!)

Orla: "Хорошо, а теперь вы запретили играть со своими куклами монстров высокой в течение ближайших трех недель. Оставайтесь там в течение 70 минут!" (Translated to: Right, now you're banned from playing with your Monster High dolls for the next three weeks. Stay there for 70 minutes!)

Anna: (screeches) "Я хочу, чтобы МОНСТРА ВЫСОКОГО КУКЛЫ!" (Translated to: I WANT MY MONSTER HIGH DOLLS!!)

Orla: "Ну вы сделали свой брат мочиться в шары не в течение 3 недель!" (Well you made your brother urinate in the balloons, now that means you will not have them back for 3 weeks!)

[Orla walks away]


[Orla storms over to Anna]

[Anna spits in her mother's face]

Orla: "DO NOT SPIT AT ME ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Tariko and her friends in Tariko's roomEdit

Jo: "Those girls were playing then Anna came in the room

Tariko: "あなたが制限された部屋で私たちはあなたで物事をスローしようとしているされている" (Translation: You are in a restricted room we are going to throw things at you)

Anna: "Quit, speaking dork!"

Tariko: "うまくいけば、日本語を話すで恐ろしいです。" (Translation: "Well, you are horrible at speaking Japanese!")

Anna: "Fuck you!"

Tariko: "私の部屋から抜け出すか、私はお母さんに言っている!" (Translation: Get out of my room before I'm telling mom!)

Anna: "Fuck you!!!!!!"

[Anna takes her Uxie plush and hides it in her room]


Orla: "Ugh, Anna!"

[Orla goes into Anna's room to find out she is going to guillotine it]

Orla: "OMG; no you are not! Did you see the White Sheet tied around Tariko's door knob? It means, no go!"

[Orla puts her on the Naughty Couch]

Orla: "25 MINUTES!"

[Orla takes the Uxie off the guillotine and goes back into Tariko's room]

Orla: "She tried to behead it again!"

Tariko: "Not again!"

[Anna escapes and runs outside]

Cut To

[Anna hiding in her private treehouse with her friends]

Anna: "Our enemies are the South Koreans and the Japanese. We will fight and destroy them! Are you with me?"

Anna's friends except Marie-Anne: "Yeah!"


[Marie-Anne grabs her monster high dolls and storms out of the treehouse]

Marie-Anne: "Orla, I'm going home. I love Monster High, but I hate how Anna treats Tariko and Ji min and Ji woong and Ji kwong it is like garbage and I love Pokemon."

Orla: "Okay. You have a safe trip home, dear. Tariko also likes Pokemon."


[Marie-Anne runs to Tariko]

Marie-Anne: "I am so sorry, Tariko."

[Tariko hugs Marie-Anne]

Tariko: "それは大丈夫だと安全な旅行の家を持っています。" (Translated: That's okay and have a safe trip home.)

Anna: "Quit speaking, dork."

Tariko: "私があなたに言った、あなたは日本語を話すで恐ろしいです。" (Translated: I told you, you are horrible at speaking Japanese.)

Anna: "Fine! If you're not with me, then don't bother coming back! You're out of the club forever!"




[Marie-Anne runs home]

Anna: (to herself) "Do you know what happens to traitors who dare betray me?"

[Hiding in the treehouse, Anna takes Ji woong's BB gun, pulls the trigger and hits Marie-Anne right in the leg]

Anna: (to herself) "This is the price you pay for stabbing me in the back, you mother fucking BASTARD!"

Marie-Anne: "OOOOOOOWWWWWWW! That hurt! MOOOOOOMMMM! Something hit me! IT HURTS!"


[Ji woong picks up Marie-Anne]

Ji woong: "Anna used my BB Gun on her."

Marie-Anne's mother: "She needs to go to hospital."

Marie-Anne: "I knew she was bad."

Ji woong: "Okay."

[Ji Woong and Marie-Anne's mother load the girl into the car, and drive her to the hospital]

[Anna looks outside with her telescope, watching for Ji Woong, Ji Min or Tariko]

Anna: "If you see any of them, attack them!"

[Ji min and Tariko quietly walk outside]

Anna: "Attack them!"

Ji min: "RUN!!!!"

[Ji min and Tariko run away and they manage to run inside the house]

Anna: "They got away........"

Ji min: "OK."

Anna VS The BabysitterEdit

Ji min: "I was going out for a job so I left one of my classmates with my daughter and my sisters. I also warned her about Anna."

Ji Min: "There's one girl you ought to watch out for; that's Anna."

???: "Why?"

Ji Min: "She's a terror."

Jo: "That Sunday evening, James and Orla were going out for the evening, so I arranged a young babysitter named Natasha who was 18 to look after the kids since Ji min was out applying for a job and Ji woong went to school so that she could help raise Ji Kwong."

James: "Take care of things while we're gone, Natasha."

Natasha: "Okay."

Orla: "The list of emergency phone number's right on the refrigerator."

Natasha: "Yes, ma'am."

Orla: "Anna's bedtime is at 8:00, Tariko's is at 8:30, and Ji Kwong's is at 7:00pm."

James: "See you at 10:00, Natasha."

Natasha: "All right, great. Have fun."

[Orla and James leave]

Ji min: "I hoped that everything would go well while I was out, but it didn't."

[Anna hits Natasha]

[Natasha confiscates Anna's Monster High Dawn of the Dance Frankie Stein Doll]

[Natasha puts Anna to bed]

[Anna escapes her bed]

[Anna grabs Natasha's papers]

Natasha: "Hey! What are you doing with my science notes?"

[Anna kicks Ji Kwong]

[Ji kwong starts crying in pain]

Natasha: "Anna, no! Don't do that!"

[Natasha confiscates Anna's Operetta doll]

[Anna goes into Ji woong's room and tears off the head of Ji woongs's halo figure, And destroys his Xbox One]

[Natasha confiscates Anna's Skull Shores Lagoona Blue doll and Clawd Wolf doll]

[Anna screams]

[Natasha confiscates Anna's Clawdeen Wolf doll]

[Anna shouts at Natasha]

[Natasha confiscates Anna's Barbie Princess Bride doll]

Anna: "SHUT UP!!!"

[Natasha confiscates Anna's Draculaura Doll]

cut to:

[James and Orla are having dinner at a fancy restaurant, Jo is with them]

Orla: "Oh, James. The atmosphere is really nice. It's been a long time since we've dined alone together."

James: "You know, we should do this more often. So I've been thinking..."

Cut to:

[Anna picks up the Naughty Couch and throws it at Natasha]

[Natasha confiscates Anna's Peppa Pig plush]

Natasha: "Anna, come here!"

[Anna runs outside and rides her bike]

Anna: "Goodbye, you stupid BASTARD!"

[Natasha confiscates Anna's bike]

Cut to:

[James and Orla are watching an opera]

Orla: "It's been 6 years since we've been to an opera, hasn't it, dear?"

Cut to:

[Ji min is working at a Nail Salon]

[Ji woong is in a classroom, taking notes]

Cut to:

[Natasha is bottle-feeding Ji Kwong]

Anna: "S@#T!"

[Natasha confiscates Anna's Princess Ariel doll]

[Anna turns on the TV and watches some Powerpuff Girls videos]

Natasha: "Come on, Anna. Turn off Powerpuff Girls. It's time for bed."

Anna: "Go kill yourself, Poopy-butt!"

[Natasha confiscates Anna's Cleo de Nile doll]

Cut to:

[Jo looks at her watch]

Jo: "Oh, look at the time. It must be getting late, I think it's time that we should head for home."

[Jo, Orla, and James arrive home]

Jo: "At 10:00, we arrived home, and Natasha was a complete wreck."

Natasha: "Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Kirochu! Thank god you're home!"

James: "What did Anna do now?"

Natasha: "Oh, she refused to listen when I told her to go to bed, told me to shut up, called me a poop y butt, swore at me, grabbed my science notes, screamed at me, shouted and hit me!"

James: "Good Lord..."

Natasha: "She also ran outside to ride her bike in the dark, called me a stupid bastard, picked up the blue Naughty Couch and she threw it at me, got out of her bed, kicked Ji Kwong, and beheaded Ji woong's halo figure, and broke his XBOX One giving it the Red Ring of Death!"

James: What about Tariko?

Natasha: She done nothing

[Natasha breaks down crying while Tariko comforts her]

[Ji Woong and Ji Min return home]

Orla: "What the hell...?"

James: "Anna, while Ji Woong takes Natasha home, would you mind explaining to me what happened tonight?"

Anna: "Oh, I took a bath, brushed my teeth and went straight to bed. Nothing happened."

[Tariko comes down stairs with a really annoyed look while dressed in her Pokemon Nightgown while holding a Flareon Pokedoll in her right arm and a Vaporeon Pokedoll in her left arm she sets them down and walks over to Anna]

James: "Tariko explain to her what she did, because she did bad things"

Tariko: "Not even close, you did bad things. You grabbed Natasha's science notes, you hit your baby niece, you swore, and you beheaded Ji woong's Halo figure and you broke his Xbox One giving it the Red Ring Of Death, I heard this noise from my room. You even killed poor Coconut."

[Tariko presents a dead guinea pig inside a shoe box]

Natasha: "Sorry Tari."

Tariko: "That's okay."

Ji woong: "NOOOO! Not the Red Ring of Death! I just got that a few weeks ago and I was on the last level of Halo 3!!!!! I was so close to beating the final boss!"

[Ji Woong finds a dead parakeet in the bird cage]

Ji Woong: "Tweety? Tweety?! Tweety!"

Orla: "You know what? Your Spectra Vondergeist plush doll's going in toy jail for the rest of the night."

[Orla confiscates Anna's Spectra Vondergeist plush]

[Anna runs off and pees on the ground outside]

Orla: [angrily] "50 MINUTES!"

[Orla puts Anna on the Naughty Couch]

Anna: (mumbling) "I hate you..."

[50 minutes later]

Orla: "You were on here for lying to mummy and breaking your brother's stuff. Say sorry."

Anna "НИКОГДА!" (Translation: Never!)

Orla: "ладно я имею расширение ваше время и запретили играть монстра высокой куклы в течение месяца находиться там в течение 70 минут!" (Translation: Okay, I am extending your time and you've lost your phone privileges for a month. Stay there for 70 minutes! We will consider sending you to Military School!)

[Orla confiscates Anna's phone]

Anna: "At least I can still watch TV..."

Ji woong: "Natasha?"

Natasha: [Stops crying] "Yes Ji woong."

Ji woong: "I was trying to tell you that Anna is Russian she speaks it at times much as me and my sisters do me and my niece and sister are South Korean and Tariko is Japanese. I better take you home."

Natasha: "OK."

The missing 5 pokemon plushEdit

Jo: "It wasn't long when Tariko's plush dolls were missing"

Orla: "Tariko?"


Orla: "Tariko!"

[The twins and Orla and James rush inside Tariko's room to find out her plush dolls are gone]

Tariko: (in sadness) "Azelf Plush, Miss Fire, Mesprit Plush, Mr. Lighting, Mr. Leaf..."

James: "We can get you some new toys..."

Tariko: "Toys? I don't want toys. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE THEY ARE!"

Orla: "Don't worry, dear. I promise we will find them!"

Tariko: "Okay!"

Ji min: "I saw Anna taking them into her room..."

Ji min: "Anna, what are you doing with those? They belong to Tariko."

Anna: "I am giving them pieces!"

Ji min: "NO YOU ARE NOT!"

[Ji min takes them off Anna and gives them to Tariko]

[Anna snatches the dolls back Tries to throw them out of the window But gets stopped by Ji woong who takes them off her]

[Tariko runs out of the room and takes her pokemon plush back into her room and locks her bedroom door]


Orla: "Did you see that White Sheet over her plushies? It means 'no touch'."

Jo: "Anna then went on a rampage."

[Anna pulls out a handgun from her pocket and points it at Tariko]

Tariko: Please put the gun down!

Cut to:

[Ji min talking to her twin brother]

Ji min: "Ji woong, I have good news, brother. I called Game Stop regarding your XBOX One."

Ji woong: "And?"

Ji min: "Remember when you got it for your birthday? The system is under good warranty for 3 years. I registered that product online for you and you have a Microsoft account. I also purchased a Microsoft Extended Service Plan. The in-warranty repair is free of charge."

Ji woong: "Oh, Ji min. That's terrific."

Ji min: "Thanks."

Anna turns over a new leafEdit

Jo: "It wasn't long until Anna burned herself with a cigarette lighter..."

[Anna burns herself with a cigarette lighter]

[Anna screams]

Anna: "Help me! Somebody help! Help!"

Ji min: "Mother, Anna burned herself with a lighter!"

Anna: "Help! Mommy, help! Help me, please!"

Ji min: "Fortunately, Tariko remembered what to do when your clothes catches fire."

Tariko: "Stop, drop and roll! Stop, drop and roll!"

[Anna stops, drops and rolls on the ground to smother the flames]

[Anna cries in pain]

Anna: " hurts. Help me."

Orla: "Oh, my gosh...Anna!"

[Ji woong, Jo and James come outside with Ji Kwong]

James: "Oh, no! What happened?"

Tariko: "Anna burned herself, and I told her to stop, drop and roll, which she did."

Ji Woong: "Oh, man...that had to hurt."

James: "Ji min, bring Anna inside!"

[Ji min brings Anna in the house and places her on the counter]

Anna: "I'm gonna die...I'm gonna die...I'm gonna die..."

James: "Ji min, find a phone and call 999 while I go get the First Aid Kit from the kitchen cabinet!"

[Ji min goes to the kitchen phone and calls the number]

James: Tariko stay by her side!

Tariko: OK

[Tariko comforts Anna and stays by her side]

Ji min: "I need an adoptive sister severely burned herself."

Jo: "Within minutes of the call, paramedics arrived and Anna was transported to a local children's hospital."

[Anna cries]

Paramedic: "It's okay, darling. It's going to be okay. You'll be fine."

Jo: "Anna had to undergo plastic surgery to repair the skin that was badly burned. After about 9-10 hours of surgery, Anna woke up in a recovery room."

[Anna wakes up in a recovery room and is dressed in a baby blue hospital gown]

Anna: "Where am I? Am I dead?"

Paramedic: "No. You recovered. You are good as new!"

Anna: "How did I survive?"

Paramedic: "You were one of the lucky ones; every child we had in this kind of surgery died and we fired one of the doctors due to reckless negligence."

[Anna touches the burn scar on her chest then looks at a man on a cross in a painting]

Anna: "Mummy, who is that man?"

Orla: "That's Jesus Christ, Anna. He is the son of god. He has died for our sins."

Anna: "I am sorry, Ji min, Ji woong, Ji kwong, and Tariko and Daddy and Mummy. I am sorry for all the bad things I have done."

[Ji Woong sees a laceration on Anna's back]

Ji Woong: "Where did you get that laceration?"

Anna: "My real mom did this to me. She used to beat me and starve me because I had a twin brother who was stillborn. As a matter of fact, she just wanted a boy, not me. My real dad did not do anything about it...he just sat in front of the TV, drinking."

Ji woong and Ji min: "Same here they didn't want twins they wanted 1 child. They starved us and beaten us until we were 4."

Tariko: "Same here, my real mom nearly killed me when I was 9."

Tariko: "I never realized that Anna was physically abused by her biological mother."

Ji min: "For a few weeks, to help reduce the scarring, Anna would have to wear a special silicone mask and an elastic body suit. She also started a program in intensive therapy to increase her mobility."

Anna: "God gave me a second chance in life. He forgave me for my sins."

[1 day later Anna is at a church singing "Amazing Grace"]

Anna: [singing] "Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound..."

Ji woong: "After the long surgery, a new Anna was born. Hallelujah! It was a miracle."

Jo: "Be a good girl, Anna."

Anna: "I will!"

Anna: "After this whole horrible experience that nearly cost me my life, I realized how lucky I was to have an adoptive family, and how much I've taken them for granted."

Orla: "Anna.. why did you act up?"

Anna: "Because of the horrors of my past, I learned the bad words from my real mom when she would lock me in the closet."

Jo: "Anna, you could have told your mommy and daddy if something was troubling you."

Anna: "I know, but I was too scared because my past was horrible my 17 year old biological brother Alex cared about me they only had me for 11 months then he and Alex got put up for adoption, Orla adopted me, and a very nice lady adopted my biological brother. I wish I could see him again, he would be 23 by now..."

[A nurse walks in the room with paperwork]

Nurse: "We got the results, Mr. and Mrs. Kirochu, Anna will be wearing a silicone mask and an elastic body suit to reduce the scarring for a while. Also she will start a program in intensive therapy to increase her mobility."

Orla: "What this family, especially Anna, learned from all that experience is we don't always agree to every fad, you don't have to like the same kind of thing that the person likes, all people come in different shapes and sizes, a person is a person---no matter which country he or she is from, and it sometimes takes a unfortunate mishap to see the light,"

Time for Jo-Jo to goEdit

Anna: "Bye bye, Jo-Jo."

Jo: "Be a good girl, Anna."

Ji woong and Ji min: "Annyeonghi, Jo."

Tariko: "Bye, Jo-Jo."

Anna: "I Love you, Jo-Jo!"

Family UpdateEdit

Orla: "Anna has not been back on the Naughty Couch since that incident."

[Anna is with a physical mobility therapist, who is helping her increase her mobility]

Phys. Mobility Therapist: "Good girl. I knew you could do it!"

Anna: "I am so happy now!"