Kirochu Family is a fanon episode of season 8. Jo helps parents Orla age 39 and James age 30 of the UK with their 4 adoptive children and 1 grandchild. fraternal twins Ji woong and Ji min, age 18 (from South Korea), Tariko, age 10 1/2 (from Japan), Anna, age 6 (from Russia) Ji kwong, age 2 weeks (from South Korea) Ji kwong is Ji min's daughter. The older kids and baby Ji kwong are well behaved, but Anna is the straw that broke the camel's back. Anna got expelled from 10 schools for her aggressive behavior, her and others understand English because Orla taught them English. and while Ji woong is anorexic and refuses to eat sometimes it is mainly unhealthy foods. Ji kwong gets attacked by Anna. And Anna and Tariko despise each other like fighting over who has the best toys and pulling each other's hair. Will Jo calm this 6-year old terror or will the hatred continue? Ji min has a hard time to look after Ji kwong because of Anna's behavior so Jo gives her the Baby Log. Anna also makes fun of her siblings and niece. Ji min for her angel shaped birthmark, Ji woong for being anorexic, Tariko for having brown eyes, Ji kwong for her cherry shaped birthmark.

Discipline Techiques used: the Naughty Couch (for Anna)

Other techniques used: White Sheets, Reward Chart (Pokemon for Tariko and Monster High for Anna) and the Baby Log (for Ji Kwong), Thought Box (For Ji woong and Ji min and Tariko)


  • Ji woong has a laceration on his abdomen and neck
  • This is the first episode Where a female is adopted from Japan. Aito from the Gomez Family and Yoshi from the Hudgens Family were boys.
  • Ji min and Ji woong were 14 years old when they got adopted
  • This is the first episode were someone from Japan and South Korea speaks English
  • This is also the second time were someone is South Korean, the first being Ji-min from the Gomez Family the second being Ji min and Ji woong and Ji kwong
  • This is the first time we see a child adopted from Russia
  • Tariko's Favorite city is Tokyo

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