11 years ago....Edit

[We see a sign called 11 years ago]

[Rolf screams]

And now...Edit

Long Time No SeeEdit

Jo: "Hello, Marie-Anne. How are you doing?"

Marie-Anne: "I'm doing good, thanks."

Problems with Elliot and MattiEdit

Matti: "Mene pois sinä poopy-head!" (Translation: "Go away you poopy-head!")

Elliot: "Shut up!"

[Matti throws a quick tantrum]

[Elliot throws a potted plant]

Matti: "Vihaan sinua, haluan sinun olevan kuollut!" (Translates to: "I hate you, I want you to be dead!")

[Matti throws his Angry Birds plushes]

Elliot: "I hate you, too!"

Matti: " " (Translates to: "WE ARE NOT BROTHERS ANYMORE!")

Elliot: "FINE!"


Naughty ChairEdit


Marie-Anne: "Elliot, that's your warning. Call me another rude name and you're going on the Naughty Chair. Do you understand?"

Elliot: "NO! YOU STUPID (bleep)HOLE!"

Marie-Anne: "Right, Naughty Chair for you, Elliot."

Elliot: "NO!"

[Elliot runs and punches Agape in the womb]

Agape: "Elliot! Στάση! Να μια καλή θείος τώρα και είναι ωραίο να το επερχόμενο νεογέννητο ανιψιό σας! " (Translates: "Elliot! Stop! Be a good uncle now and be nice to your upcoming newborn nephew!")

Elliot: "SHUT UP!"

[Agape gasps]

Marie-Anne: "Naughty Chair, now!"

[Elliot growls]

[Marie-Anne banishes Elliot to the Naughty Chair]

[Marie-Anne confiscates ]

Marie-Anne: "Your  is gone for 4 minutes!"

Naughty PitEdit

[Matti punches Agape in the womb]

Agape: "Ωχ! Matti, παρακαλώ να είναι ένας καλός θείος τον ανιψιό σας που θα γεννηθεί σύντομα!" (Translates to: "Ouch! Matti, please be a good uncle to your nephew who will be born soon!")

Joseph: "Matti, tämä on ensimmäinen varoitus. Jos booli Agape kohdussa kerran, ja sinun on menossa Naughty Pit. Onko selvä?" (Translation: "Matti, this is your first warning. If you punch Agape in the womb again, you will be going to the Naughty Pit. Is that clear?")

Dining OutEdit

[The family is eating at a formal sit-down restaurant]

Marie-Anne: "Matti syö kasvis salaatti." (Translation: "Matti, eat your vegetable salad.")

Joseph: "Elliot, I want you to eat your meat loaf."

Elliot: "NO! I hate the smelliest meat loaf!"

Matti: "Salaatti on ällöttävä ja mätä!" (Translation: "Salad is yucky and rotten!")

Marie-Anne: "Vain kokeilla salaattia, kiitos." (Translation: "Just try your salad, please.")

Joseph: "And Elliot, eat your meat loaf and then you can have the bread."

Agape goes into LaborEdit

Agape: "Νερό μου έσπασε! Βοήθησέ με!" (Translation: "My water broke! Help me!")

Agape: "Κάποιος παρακαλώ βοηθήστε με!" (Translation: "Somebody please help me!")

Marie-Anne: "Μην ανησυχείτε, Αγάπη. Έρχομαι." (Translated to: "Don't worry, Agape. I'm coming.")

Agape: "Το μωρό έρχεται!" (Translated to: "The baby is coming!")

Marie-Anne: "Will somebody phone an ambulance?"

Joseph: "I'll get the ambulance!"

[Joseph gets his cell phone]

Matti and Elliot's Epic TantrumEdit

Getting Ready for the ChristeningEdit

Jo: "The next day was Adam's christening, but Elliot and Matti were having none of it."

Elliot: "Daddy, can I go to the playground?"

Joseph: "Not today Elliot, "

Matti: " " (Translated to: "I want to go to the playground.")

Joseph: "Ei tänään Matti, " (Translated to: "Not today Matti, ")

Matti: "Miksi minun täytyy mennä ristiäisiin?" (Translated to: "Why do I have to go to a christening?")

Joseph: " " (Translated to: " ")

Elliot: "Aw man."

Jo: "But then, all of a sudden, "

[Elliot and Matti are angrily prancing about and jumping up and down and screaming, throwing an epic tantrum]

Elliot: (shouting at the top of his lungs) "WE WANT TO GO TO THE PLAYGROUND, WE WANT TO GO TO THE PLAYGROUND!!!"

Joseph: "Elliot, no!"

Matti: " "

Joseph: "Stop that! You "

Jo: "I want you to firmly tell them "

Joseph: " "

[Joseph places Elliot on the Naughty Chair]

Joseph: " "

[Jo places Matti on the Naughty Pit]

Jo: " "

[Elliot and Matti escape from the front door and run away to their friends' houses]

Akim: "Папа! Эллиот и Матти убегают!" (Translated to: "Dad! Elliot and Matti are running away!")

Joseph: "No, you're not going outside! Oh no, what are we going to do?!"

Jo: "We've got to catch those boys right now!"

Joseph: "Honey, look after the rest of them while Jo and I "

[Joseph chases after Matti, who runs to Pierre's house]

Matti: "Yrittää pysäyttää minua nyt, minä tapan sinut!" (Translation: "Try and stop me now, I will kill you!")

[Joseph carries Elliot and Matti's church clothes in one arm]

Joseph: " " (Translated to: " ")

[cut to:]

Clementine (Pierre's mom): "Honey, please get your best clothes on. We're going to pick Grandpa up from the airport."


Clementine: "No, I thought you liked Grandpa. So get dressed so we are going."

[Pierre sees Matti through the window]

Gaspard (Pierre's dad): "And just where do you think you are going?"

[Matti runs into Pierre's house]

Clementine: "It's Matti!"

Pierre: "Matti! You are here!"

[cut to:]

[Jo chases after Elliot, who runs to Jake's house]


Jo: "Come back, mate! You will not be going to Jake's house today!"

Elliot: "NO!"

[cut to:]

Allison (Jake's mom): "We're going to be late for 's birthday party "

Jake: " "

Allison: "Do you want to go into time out?!"

[Elliot bursts into Jake's house]

Scott (Jake's dad): "Who's that?"

Jake: "Daddy, it's Elliot!"

Scott: "Well, he's not coming to our house, so he has to leave now!"

[cut to:]

[Elliot, Matti, Jake and Pierre all run to the playground naked]

[Jo, Joseph and the parents of Jake and Pierre chase after them]

[Elliot defecates near the swings]

[Pierre urinates on the seesaw]

[Jake kicks a little girl in the private area, making her fall into the sandbox]

[Matti sprinkles sand on the little girl, making her cry]

Jo: "When Joseph and I arrived at the playground to catch the boys, "

Scott: "There you are boys!"

[Pierre's parents Gaspard and Clementime take him home]

Gaspard: "We're taking you to the airport to pick Grandpa up!"

Clementine: " "

Jo: "After we got the boys home, their epic tantrums worsened even more."

[Jo places Elliot and Matti, who are now in their church clothes on the Naughty Chair and the Super Naughty Pit]

Jo: "Elliot, you will stay here for 4 minutes and Matti, you'll stay there for 2 minutes. I expect both of you boys to not move at any time, otherwise your timeouts will start over. In addition to that, your Teletubbies, Paddington Bear, Peppa Pig, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Angry Birds toys will be gone for 3 days."

[Jo confiscates the Teletubbies toys, the Peppa Pig toys, the Paddington Bear toys, the Thomas the Tank Engine toys and the Angry Birds toys]

[Joseph arrives back with Elliot and Matti's clothes, which were left behind at their friends' houses]

Joseph: "Listen to me boys, I have something to tell you about Jake and Pierre, okay? Jake has to go away to his cousin's birthday party and Pierre is having his grandpa coming to stay with him for a few nights, so Pierre can't have any friends around his house when he has grandpa coming to visit him."

At ChurchEdit


Christening AftermathEdit

Marie-Anne: "EXCUSE ME! Get back here!"

[Jo and Joseph try to stop Elliot and Matti from going to Jake and Pierre's houses]

Joseph: "Because you behaved unacceptably at church, no friends until tomorrow."


Joseph: "Didn't I tell you before? Jake and his mommy and daddy are going to his cousin's birthday party and Pierre's grandpa is coming to stay at his house. So Pierre can't have any friends over when his grandpa is here."

Jo: "Your behavior at your..."

Black SheetsEdit

Elliot and Matti turn over new leavesEdit

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