The Kiranoko Family is an of season 11. Jo visits St.Cloud, Minnesota to help parents. Marie-Anne, age 46 and Joseph, age 45 with their 13 adopted children: Fraternal twins Sun Wei and Sun Chen, age 13 (From China), Hans age 12 (From Germany), identical twins Satoko and Setsuko, age 11½ (From Japan), Ania, age 10 (From Spain), Adele, age 9 (From France), Dita, age 8 (From Poland), Agape, age 7 (From Greece), Alda, age 6 (From Italy) Mi-Yung, age 5 (From South Korea), Akim, age 4 (From Russia) and Rolf, age 3 (From Austria). These children do not understand English very well they get very confused which causes them to run away from their parents, in addition to that Rolf has autism. Sun chen and Sun wei and Setsuko are the only permanently well-behaved children. The others than Rolf are mostly well-behaved though.

Discipline Technique(s): Naughty Pit (For Rolf), Reflection Room (For Hans, Satoko, Ania, Adele, Dita, Agape and Alda), Naughty Platform (For Mi-Yung), And Naughty Log (For Akim)

Other Techniques(s): Learn English, Good Eater

Table of Bad BehaviorEdit

The list is listed from least badly-behaved to worst behaved.

  1. Satoko runs away from her parents but other than that, she is well-behaved on her own.
  2. Hans swears in his rock band business with the two sets of twins, prank calls people to get them to go with him, and annoys his parents if he doesn't get attention.
  3. Mi-Yung often gets upset if her parents speak English.
  4. Ania won't communicate with her parents and screams if her parents try to talk to her.
  5. Akim is a fussy eater and will only eat cheese pancakes.
  6. Dita cries a lot to get Marie-Anne's attention and blames it on the twins.
  7. Alda has Type 1 Diabetes and refuses to eat healthy foods, threatening her health. Her parents don't want to lose her.
  8. Adele back-talks and hits Mi-Yung a lot.
  9. Agape is dominant and spoiled and tells her mother to kill herself.
  10. Rolf was kicked out of 30 schools for his behavior. He swears and menaces the twins. He also does other violent stuff and is now on the brink of getting kicked out of his 31st school.


Naughty Pit