The Kipit Family is a fanon season 18 episode of Supernanny. Jo helps out Amelia (45) from Quincy, IL and her children. Kirsten (24), Bailey (23), Mi Yung (22), Ji Min (21), Rolf (20), Orla (19), Danyon (18), Damian (4). Damian is the cruelest girl Jo has ever met. Damian injures animals, shoots birds with a slingshot, kicks puppies and all that horrible stuff. What's even worse, this 4-year-old has been kicked out of over 12 schools right off the bat! She is worse than Adelle Remano ever was. Mi Yung and Ji Min came home from South Korea and have a difficult time speaking English, but they are mostly well-behaved. Can Jo get this family back on track before it's too late?

Discipline Techniques: Naughty Chair

Other Techniques: Princess Reward Chart, Good Eater, Learn English

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