Before the Eye ExamEdit

Nicole: "Kim Williams, who came home to the family from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam at age 3, had to go see the optometrist. She was 10 years old at the time of the eye exam and at the time she got glasses."

Bryce: "Okay Kimmie, are you ready?"

Kim: "Yes I am!"

Bryce: "Then let's go!"

[Bryce brings Kim out to their car]

Reception and Waiting RoomEdit

[Bryce brings Kim over to the reception desk holding her hand]

[We see a female optometrist standing beside the reception desk]

Beth the Receptionist: "Good morning sir, what can I do for you?"

Bryce: "Hello, my name is Bryce Williams and I have my adoptive daughter Kim here with me. My wife Petunia and I adopted her from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and she came home to us when she was 3."

Beth the Receptionist: "Is she here for her eye exam today."

Bryce: "That's right."

Beth the Receptionist: "What time at?"

Bryce: " "

Beth the Receptionist: "What's her full name again?"

Bryce: "Kim Williams."

Beth the Receptionist: "How old is she?"

Bryce: "She's 10 years old."

Beth the Receptionist: "Now Kim, Lindsay is going to be your optometrist, so she will be examining your eyes and she will now take you into her room."

Dr. Lindsay Ross: "Please follow me."

Kim's Eye ExamEdit

Nicole: "And then, Kim's eye exam started."

[Dr. Lindsay Ross brings Kim and Bryce into her office]

Dr. Lindsay Ross: "Kimberly Williams is it?"

Kim: "That's me, ma'am."

Dr. Lindsay Ross: "Please take a seat on a ."

Kim: " "

Dr. Lindsay Ross: " "

Kim: " "

Dr. Lindsay Ross: " "

Bryce: " "

Dr. Lindsay Ross: " "

Kim Finds a Perfect Pair of GlassesEdit

Kim: " "

Bryce: "Well, these ones are good."

Kim's Glasses are ReadyEdit

Nicole: "Kim returned with her mother Petunia after hearing that her glasses were ready to be collected."

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