The Killer Family is a fanon season 20 episode of Supernanny. Jo heads on down to Mobile, Alabama to help out Sierra (39) and Austin (42) with their kids, Maurice (14) and Beatrice (5). Beatrice tramples over her mother's prize-winning begonias, swears, spits, breaks things and stays up late past her bedtime. Maurice stays out past curfew to hang out with some friends, do drugs, vandalizes public property and smokes cigarettes; he also cuts school, defaces public property via spray painting graffiti and disturbs the peace. Can Jo get this family back on track before it's too late?

Discipline Techniques: The Naughty Corner (for Beatrice), The Naughty Tent (for Maurice)

Other Techniques: Stay in Bed, Drug Disposal, Cigarette Disposal, and Vandal Disposal

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